Poems by Purushothama Rao R


a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Wherever it may be
He lost his precious life
And his life strings went awry
And his body is lying in formless state

Is it in the Kashmir
Where blood shed is normal on every day
Or in Bombay
Where bombs are hurled In the form of high explosives
Or in faction ridden states
Where murders of the humans are a daily chore
Or in encounters engineered by state police
Or in the retaliation measures initiated by aboriginal

In whatever form it is his life was taken away forcibly
And the same has become hot news for the media
Eye for eye and slap for a slap is yesterdays norm
Now it is set one for ten or one for hundred

One hero will push on for the propriety of all oil wells on earth
And the white man as just zero supports him all the while
The two thus feel in apparent sense that they are the master minds
Behind every calamity or climax happening in the universe

One makes heroic attempt to destroy the great mosques
And the other fellow acts on foreign authority’s orders to disturb temple atmosphere
On destruction of national properties the traitors will have
The currency love and his poverty beholds it in high esteem altogether

However pathetic the criminal acts are
Our protecting force can’t trace them at their roots
And allow them to slip on to other countries with very much ease and comfort
We look at them as mere spectators and allow them to go Scot free

The humanity is striving hard and straining every nerve to live long with green sheen
But the demons who don’t deserve sympathy at all, take law into their violent hands
And demonstrate their loyalty to other nations that are quite against our peace and prosperity
Traitors pray for patriots’ destruction all in all segments without an iota of failure

An Epoch and Apostle

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

He is a lucky chap
Needs no prop
He never pits as a flap
And always rejoices just by a clap

He works hard with the words in calmness
And chisels any raw idea to its utmost fineness
And strives hard to make it a resonating piece
In hearts and souls of all the readers in quiet and cool trance

He gets up from the bed with the cooing of the cuckoo
And starts his day dedicating ample time to language and literature
He carves the suitable words wherever it is felt appropriate
And idioms and phrases used by him become quotes of tomorrow

He lives in hopes and perspire in aspirations
He is a teacher and preacher in his own style and sheen
And reciprocates nature in its own terms feasible
He loves flowers and its fragrance scented out

He is an epoch and an apostle shining in the sky
And acts like an ambassador advocating prosperity in peace
And strives effortless to bring the brightness in delightful stance
To the planks of earth without any shy

Love bleeds for love

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

When I tried to pluck the rose flower
It struck me hard with her sharp thorns

Did it foresee my thought of gifting it to you My Dear!

Does the flowers too envy the love I express to others My Beloved!

Love sung in tunes

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

When tears gather in my eyes resembling wells
My Darling!
I couldn’t see you or imagine your image truly
My Beloved!

Your cajoling ways alone console me at that juncture
My Dear!
So I seek for the resonance of the past tunes you sung for me My love!


a poem by Purushothama Rao R


The smell of soil
Before the drop of the rain
Cajoles plants in farms



Stretches like rubber bands
Joins all agitations
Youth a quake on earth



Slogan shouting a hobby
Hurling stones an act and deed
Youth, soul in spoils

Clean bowled

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

(On hearing the news
The U.S. military acknowledged Thursday that its two-month drive to crush insurgent
and militia violence in the Iraqi capital had fallen short,
calling the raging bloodshed disheartening and saying
it was rethinking its strategy to rein in gunmen, torturers and bombers.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh! The Traitor!!!
I am repeatedly asserting you
That blaring of gun shots
And blasting of atom bombs
Don’t find a solution to The Ethnic Problems

The solution was not held else where in care free winds
Nor possessed by you in your arms’ wealth today in quantum
And it every where reflects all your insinuating tactic employed
With the sheer aim only to destruct the peaceful environment

Where are you placed now on the world map?
Well beyond the highest mountains?
Or thrown to deep valleys in the oceans of despair
What is the gainful result in summary you earned?

Loss of your prestige if any, and profits of perennial sins you committed all along

What do the traumatic guns spell?
And what do the atomic ammunition quote?
You cannot win the race always with the POWER you enjoy
And administer your authority on any of the serene souls

Mind that the Human Excellency alone for ever rules the roost
And it never allows to keep the peaceful heads to just bow to violent attacks at all
Goodness and care and concern for others welfare will gift you ultimate joy and pleasure
Which never can be measured in terms of currency on list.

Week Ends

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Weekly on all week ends
I feel strong to match any strain
I go to the shelves IN ALL BENDS
Converse with them cordially WITH A MIND TO GAIN

I search on the web for needed info
And try to enlighten my self duly in TERMS OF expo
Poetry columns go to the veins of my heart ON TIME
And rejuvenate me and my health all in good terms

I dial to dear ones to know about their welfare
And always desires to feel free like a Neem tree
I spend with the family and friends discussing all zones
To keep myself abreast with all fresh news not declaring as one with none

So I love week ends
Because they have no loose trends
Though I feel weak during week days
I plan well before to spend week end in delight in all possible ways

Singing Stone gather a Mass

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

I eagerly wait for your nod
Whenever my thoughts clash at a cross road
You just smile at me waving silent tunes
Unable to decipher the content I get sounding swoons

Always I keep myself away from the dust rocketing hopes
And simply wait for your signals to proceed further even on the slopes
You loudly laugh at me but really with a caring stance
Then nowhere can I juxtapose and swing to decide my chance

People say women are half the body of men
Whom they have tied up with marital [st]rings
On earth till we breath our last Amen!
What the unity of our minds and souls bring in chorus let us sing

Then we can glance a HEAVEN on earth
Which now a days in the whole world is really in dearth

Some thing! Some thing!

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Some thing is simmering so hot in the delicate chambers the mind
Oh! please let the lid be taken out slowly!

Some thing is waving so snowy in the environment
Let the rock salt particles be spread all over the ice stocks

Some thing is driving the season to dry the leaves
Let the spring alone spring in greenery in lots to the ground

Some thing is flaming the parts of the heart
Let the soothing love letters of the beloved pacify the fire zones

Some thing is becoming fishy in the sea of thoughts
Let the serene soul spread the nets to catch the undesirable orgasm at the earliest


a poem by Purushothama Rao R

When it is raining heavily
I desire to have your light embrace
With needed warmth

When it waves high gales
I wish to take shelter
In your arms space
IN LOWER stances

When it floods the earth
With all its might
I prefer to take rest
Before your fire place
And dry myself to droughts

When nature cries
I know why you smile at me
My beloved!
You always try to win over my ways

I need you and your words in solace
You need me and the words that love my poems
All in your heart’s large space

Hang them quick!

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

All black heads makes the face so ugly indeed
And tarnish its beautiful image in all its colour and creed
The only way to ease out is to remove it and look afresh
Like wise pig heads do spoil the trace of humans on honourable earth

Genocide or mayhem when at the helm of affairs may look pretty to them
When it comes to the chords of self it definitely looks dirty and act of shame

Unless and until we hail the humanity in all its scores
The devil in us will take all neat breaths and lives long for longer years
Condemn the killing trend once for all and save the blood from unusual sheds
Be human think divine to have a readable place in pages of history–not in shreds

Squarely against

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

My heart turns as hard rock
When you play its love STREAMS down to unknown sea depths

My mind wavers in heavy gales
When you play odd games SPORTING against all my genuine wishes

Mt soul slips into soar thoughts
When the sweetness of my expression is encountered with paleness from your eyes

What should I do?
And how naturally should I behave?

When you are oozing hot fumes all around the world
How can I be cool and reflect soft moon shine?

When you desire to blaze like the mid summer day’s sun
On all my aspirations and hopes
With all the newly invented arms and ammunition
And smash them to ash DUST
HOW to keep myself calm without eschewing all these unhappy tunes?

With so much of uncompromising negative attitude
Pooh-poohing all my trials
To establish peace on earth


a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Dream in my beloved! it is time to be loved!
When you are young with needed energy
Love in true terms is hurled at upon you in large quantum
And at times it may spill over from the brims

It is neither a surprise nor an adventure
To have sweet and remembering quests indeed

But if somebody loves you from all the depths of his heart
Please do accept! it is time to keep that charm in mind and soul too
Who cares the people even though they may be their kith and kin
When age advances and failing health embraces many a time in times so thin

Age is not a boon or a bane according to just passage of time
Our heart resonates if we possess kindness in our nerves it is not at all a crime for a dime
And assists others and shower the nectar drops of love without a shun
Whether the other person is young or waiting for a call from setting sun

When you close the eyes dreams do drop in and act on you
And to realize them in the taste of it you must wake up and REDEEM!!!

Praying Leaves!

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Natures scrapes through the folios of poetry in the words of poets heart felt verses!
How beautiful the autumn that sits on the lap of summer really looks
Winter waves welcome weaves and ice cools the atmosphere with many ticks
And allows the environment to get prepared for the airing summer in all its warmth

Rain here in India, which truly is an agri based economy however is not an unwelcome guest
And if rain drops on time, it is treated well as the boon of God and as the almighty at His best
And those who live on and are dependent on cultivation alone on the soil definitely pray for the rains
If rain drops in on time and in needed quantities, oh! their life sways over all the common tests

Leaves flutter during the season of autumn indeed!
Not exactly afraid of chilling winter season that ensues ahead
They after the dryness kiss the mother earth for treating them annually with eye feasting colours
And prostrate before the good earth
With all obedience making themselves so comfortable on airy platter

At the height of IT

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

The clock strikes ten every night
And so I am lost for the day and never am visible at all in the distant sight
Eye lids weigh so heavy indeed
Hence I’ll call it a day for all the practical purposes in act and deed

I’ll retire to bed and relax trying to forget things in the past
And pray God, the almighty to pardon me for all the acts surely not in their best
Let the human face and the interiors of the body, mind and soul win the race so fast
To live and let the peace to live permanently for ever on earth in its utmost crest