Poems by Prasad Balan

Lonely Land

a poem by Prasad Balan

Till now you where in your own land,
Now its time to touch your feet on different sand,
Here everybody was known to you,
But there would be only few,
Adjusting there won’t be easy,
Hey don’t leave the “place” saying its crazy,
Be determined to make a dent their,
Don’t take much tension so that it bothers your hair,
All in all you must be able to face tough times,
Be gutsy enough to face challenges in life.

Friendship never dies…

a poem by Prasad Balan

Friends like you are hard to forget,
Some one like you are even hard to get,
What can we do if it’s our destiny,
Accept it without saying anything,
Anyway the bond will be there,
Who knows stronger than ever,
‘Betrayal’ and ‘coming together’ are part of life,
Naturally it adds spice in life,
I can only wish best of luck for your career,
So you can lead a life without fear,
When you miss all of us and your family,
Just call or mail me immediately,
So here’s Prasad wishing all the best,
And god will do the rest!


a poem by Prasad Balan

Every good thing has a bad side too,
Same as I and all of you too,
Terrorism is one of the ugliest side of human life,
Anti-terrorism is the prettiest side of life,
Terrorism can bring down huge construction,
But not our very own human foundation,
Crashing and hijacking planes are cowardly acts of terrorists,
After all they have to pay for this,
Dust and derbies is what remains,
Leaving people like us shocked and insane,
Daring firefighters and rescue operators are trying their best,
To save the life of those who hope ‘god will do the rest’,
I request all of you to pray with me, for those in pain,
At least some of them could gain.

Monkey Man

a poem by Prasad Balan

Now a days there is lot of speculation about the monkey man.
Everybody is talking about it
and you can read it anywhere in papers, web sites, etc.
Well, hell if everybody can write about it, why cant I?
so I have a few thoughts about the monkey man. Here it is!!

Hey what’s the current hype now,
Its monkey-cum-man now,
Rumours and gossips are many,
But don’t believe any,
May be its some sort of foul play,
Be sure you don’t play,
Man itself is a big trouble,
Then monkey on it adds to the bubble,
More than itself it’s a mental belief of us,
What’s the point in it discussing between us?
Can we be fortunate to see yourself in here?
Oh no I forgot, you must in Delhi.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Happiness is feeling which need not be expressed,
But sure its something which cant be missed,
In life it seems happiness are less,
Oh no, we are greedy more or the less,
Feelings bad or good are two sides of the coin,
Same as all singers are not good in choir,
God teaches some lessons in life,
It’s four out of five,
Happiness is given in installments,
But sadness are due payments,
At the end of the day we have cried and laughed,
But think about them who have no end.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Everyone waits eagerly for their birthday,
Doesn’t matter in which hour of the day,
It’s a day full of gifts and chocolates,
Whether it’s from loved ones or from hatred,
Such a day your dear ones won’t like to miss,
Especially if they are hungry enough for a nice feast,
Good tasty, delicious, heavy lunch in the noon,
Please don’t eat of the steel spoons,
Two three hours of sound sleep after lunch,
Hey don’t strain your stomach much,
Noon passes of, evening comes,
The time when your friends come,
Pleasing love and heavy treat is why they are here for,
Only cakes and colas? No I certainly need much more,
At the end of the day recollect what you have achieved today,
Scribble it down on your hearts pad,
Days like this shouldn’t be forgotten,
Even if the eggs are rotten.

The last sentence is just for proper filling of the poem
but it states that even if eggs are rotten
buy some new eggs and prepare cake.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Truth is always the winner,
Those who don’t follow are sinners,
Truth always hits hard,
It’s another grave in your yard,
Be gutsy to face it,
Don’t mind if it bothers you a bit,
Your close friend may be a thorn in your eye,
For something between you and I,
Admire the fact he spoke truth,
Keeping hopes on your faith,
Forgive me for something done past,
Because I don’t want to miss a friend in best,
Always good to have a heart of courage,
It comes naturally when you come of age,
Truth relives you,
But you will be relived by false.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Mistakes are made by humans,
Unfortunately we are also humans,
Jokes and pranks are a part of our friendship,
Don’t take it as seriously as captain of ship,
All we have done is past now,
It’s too late to ask how,
Finally it’s time for a comeback,
Let’s come together so that we can’t go back,

New era of life

a poem by Prasad Balan

Life is a tale of drama and love,
Take it the way as it comes,
Problems and mistakes are not the decider of life,
It’s the way how you tackle it without shy,
Don’t be in so much of a hurry,
Please don’t treat it as hot curry,
Play a waiting game and wait for results,
Curry tastes good when it’s slightly cool,
In this battle of wits you might lose or win,
The fact of matter lies in playing in spirit,
Sheer dedication is key to success,
Winning is a feeling which need not be expressed,
Life is a venture of four words,
It sharper than edge of a sword,
L stands for being loyal to what you are doing,
I be independent as their can’t be no more fooling,
F symbolizes to be firm on your doing,
Enjoyment it’s the ultimate result of the three words.
With this begin the new era of life,
Don’t forget the meaning of LIFE.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Life is a game where we all are the players,
Where one is the winner while other, a loser,
Everyday is a new turn on the road for success,
It’s really something which you can’t express,
Competitors and challengers are many,
Any and everything which costs more than a penny,
Success and failures are part of the show,
All arrows don’t go straight out of the bow,
Moral of the story is damn important,
Be tough enough to face your competitor.


a poem by Prasad Balan

This poem is not only from my point of view
but also from all of us.
I consider my Mom as an great asset to me
because of her I am here today.
I have expressed myself as below.

Do you love somebody in your life?
Of course its mom before wife,
She is cool as a cucumber,
Go and try out some numbers,
Criticism is the best I like of her abilities,
Something that made me think of my capabilities,
Frankness is my choice,
Something which my mother likes,
She is the best friend I have ever met,
Anything and everything for this bet,
Support and encouragement are her highlights,
Something what you need in your bad times,
Supreme confidence is her key to success,
Her confidence in me is the best to express,
I owe my existence to my mom,
Slowly but Surely I am regaining my form,
Without her I would have been a guy without thought,
If I am not mistaken, don’t you think of the same sort.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Since Tehelka I have a sense of hatred towards politics and
hence I am hereby writing about the same.

They have something new happening in their life,
Just as a man without wife,
So easy to sit on the chair,
But difficult to do everything fair,
Its groups like Tehelka that bring out the true fact,
Late though we found out this gruesome act,
No need of anymore proofs and discussion,
Its time to get ready for the real action,
Punishments and penalties are no less than escape,
It would be nice if govt. gives them a real close shave,
Ministers and leaders are just for name,
Revealing the ugly side of human face,
Greed and power is all that matters for them,
Sure something which we can’t be proud of them,
Wipe out such indecent and greedy people,
Say ninety million Indian people.


a poem by Prasad Balan

Everything in the world is decadent
Just as today’s red rose, tomorrow will fade
Law of nature is the fate of us
It’s after us, our younger one taste success
Tigers and lions do die
It’s on them small creatures and plants thrive
Such a law is necessary for the nature to proceed
As some failures have success to precede
We all have to deteriorate and die one day
All we can pray is to die with pleasure that day
So our next generation can have a good beginning
Even though a hard fact, you need tough luck for good earning
So I wish you everybody a good life
Enjoy it with a good nice wife

Don’t Harm Animals

a poem by Prasad Balan

Everybody in nature has right to live,
So who are we to make them bleed,
Can’t we be mature beasts,
Without making animals as a feast,
It’s okay till chicken and goat,
But why to cut rare species throat,
Trapping and killing are done just for fun,
But it would be too late when you think there are none,
Skins and fragrance are just for style,
Should it be by earning somebody’s life,
All this things have past,
Still fields to explain which are vast,
Give this whole affair a thought,
It’s a matter where few of them fought,
Still success at hand,
It would be better if we all are hand in hand.