Poems by Pramila Kudva


a poem by Pramila Kudva

The majestic snow covered mountains,
A symbol of peace and tranquility
Have undergone a transformation.
The echoing of the guns,
The air raid sirens,
The cry of the wounded
Reverberate through the air,
Pierce the stillness.

The young soldiers
Barely out of their teens
Appear tough in their uniforms.
A long line to place calls home
The conversation with the loved ones
Drop the façade.
Underneath lies the soft core,
In the wallet a photograph,
What is this battle all about?
Land, People…

A piece of land that stays,
People who move on,
Occupy only a rectangular space
Six feet by two!!

Blissful Days

a poem by Pramila Kudva

The pleasant morning breeze
Caressed the face
With a gentleness
Unique to the monsoon season.
A tiny droplet
Fell on the eyelid
A touch so light
That flickered only the lashes.
The lungs swelled with
The fragrance of Mother Earth.

The swaying palms
That appeared to beckon the rains,
Filled the heart with fond memories.
The carefree childhood days,
Of paper boats, wet raincoats
And shoes filled with water.
Mother frying ‘bhajiyas’ in the kitchen,
The aroma of coffee percolating into the drawing room.

The monsoon sets in every year,
Can these blissful days ever come back?