Poems by Pavan Kumar Vodithala Dr

Woes of Man

a poem by Pavan Kumar Vodithala Dr

Oh! Man

The woes of man is woman
Woman – woos a man, and after
These woman – say!!! We men!!!

Taking pronunciation in to account,
Woman=Woman, and plural of woman
is women,
Women is pronounced as ‘We Men’

The pronunciation is itself a
So… is it woman liberation!!!

Divine – Designer of Human Engine

a poem by Pavan Kumar Vodithala Dr

Heart and mind is an Ignition,
to run the life as an Engine.
The road He put is for us to Drive,
So, thrive to drive till the heated Tyres (Tired by the end of day),
To cool (Engine and Tyre) us friends and family are always there,
for a patient ear to hear their dear.

Life is obstacles but there ‘He’ is with High Beam Vision
to Grease and Service.
The showers of Service that ‘He showers’ on us,
For peace and His grace upon us is in pace.
Engine of life never stops,
As ‘He’ is there to Start / Re-start / Kick Start.

Mother Nature

a poem by Pavan Kumar Vodithala Dr

At Dawn and the Dusk,
With Dew and Mist,
On flora and fauna in the moors amidst.
Draws our hearts and minds to glory,
As Happiness swells and dwells in our hearts.

Core of nature is the divine art,
As mother nature nurtures the cart,
Of universal beauty which is god’s art,
Giving the humanity ‘His’ grace in parts,
A never ending design which always Starts

Oh! My Wife!!

a poem by Pavan Kumar Vodithala Dr

Oh! My love,
You are like a dove,
For which I bow
With a humble wow!

The brow of yours is like a rainbow,
With airy hair arranged in rows.

The eyes of yours sighed a glow,
Which pierced my heart like an arrow!!

The lashes of yours,
Slashes my heart with splashes of love darted on my heart!!

The blink with your wink,
Has sunk my heart in a pool of love somehow!!