Poems by Parthap Ratim Banerjee


a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

All had happened in the midway
In the midst of my sadness
In the midst of my madness
I got to know about your extended stay

Let me talk to my friends
Let me tell them your choice
Let me organize a press meet
Let me distribute some sweets

All prayed, pleaded, begged, solicited with tear
But you had refused to extend your stay last year
We lost farmers, farmers lost land mind lost mountains
As we too lost love from you, “My dear rain”


a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

Why I really don’t know
From morning mist to evening snow
Wait for me, wait for my call
To visit me any day anytime any where

Since then I have shifted my home
From mountain top to barren sea shore
Sand is everywhere from
Nearby road to my solitary bedroom

I need not to call them to have feast with me
Even though they all know I’ll wait for them

On a rainy day

a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

You can meet me wherever you want
From Coffee house to Esplanade
From Pudong to Trafelgar square
But only on a rainy day

I am always out on a rainy day
That’s the day you may wait under a shade
Wait till the rain stop
That’s the time I may pop up

I have many unusual things to share
I am keeping since long
To give it to my friend
Like you on a rainy day

Kept a packet full of shadow
To cover you during the summer day
Kept a bag full of Sun ray
To light you for better show

I need friends, love-rain
Blue sky, cool breeze, lash green field
A small shelter in a deserted mountain
Do you care for all I want?

Then come and get me anytime
On a crowded bus or on a jam-packed street
Or anyplace wherever you want

But on a rainy day rainy rainy day

Last Night, Midnight

a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

Last night midnight
Walked slowly in sleep

Last night midnight
Got the ferry sleek

Last night midnight
Lost child in creek

Last night midnight
Moon and stars leaks

Last night midnight
Your stories streams

Last night midnight
Mind blocks dreams

Last night midnight
Your struggles peeped

Last night midnight
I got back you, home, dreams

Lost child, stars, moon, streams
Last night big night!


a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

Blank papers have stopped taking colors
Not even taking any mark or anything else
May be they need more darkness to hide their pride

Blank papers have stopped taking colors now

Please give me a room, a roof, a shelter for a day
Just for a day and an inspiration, a true friend too
To open the musk I am using for last so many years

All loads and roads lead to the paper house of beggars
Where they tell and sell stories on demand
And allow others to use the biggest colony of the city

The Footpath for better living
I need friend, a place and an inspiration
But no slogan please


a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

Bed tea, ready breakfast, hot water for bath, ironed cloths
All dreams like this refused to stay with me

I say, I am dirty from head to toe
Match the content from the row

Naked eye may cheat you then
Take a safe route may be memory lane

Busy road, heavy traffic, traffic signals,
Boss and his secretary, whole day in the office

No good lunch, no special treat, no kabab corner
I am dull, whole day count lines like an observer

Back home tired, back home fatigued-sleepy
Eat man eat, why are you hesitating!
Move man move, why are you waiting!
Search man search, search your friend
Who once drew an attractive gypsy

Bed tea, ironed cloths, office time, dinner
But just wait for a friend, be an observer

Fly beyond the sky

a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

I told you to look in to my eyes
To look you better
Look in to my eyes to fly you better

I told you to hold my hand
If at all you have to fly
Hold my hand to fly beyond the sky

Sky is nearer to you now
You can even touch if you want
I will just show you, how

Just look in to my eyes, my dear
Or hold my hand to fly beyond the sky for ever


a poem by Parthap Ratim Banerjee

Till last day I was in search
For a candle even in day light
To light it, just to make the day bright
I had enough opposition, enough fight
Enough insult from family members
Stayed friendless for couple of years
It was compulsion but not fear
It is just a feeling my dear

Left home, left writing poetry
Left food, left finding symmetry
Left mind, left my heart
Left all sweet memories
In search of so called desert

I need home, food, mind, heart and a quick rain
And with them all of my true and fake friends