Poems by Neetika Inamdar

New Year

a poem by Neetika Inamdar

In last millennium the farmers worked hard,
And they grew the hay,
In this millennium the robots will work hard,
And the farmers will lay.

Arose the world will be,
Before the rising sun,
As the busy bee,
They will start to run.

Scientists will work fast,
Like the bullet from the gun,
And will complete their task,
With the new machines they earn.

There will be a growth of a new tree,
The leaves will be like a star,
Try to climb the top of the tree,
It will not be so far.

Everywhere computers will be seen,
So deaf people will have their new ear,
And no old man will like to lean,
So wish you happy new year!

Message for Indians

a poem by Neetika Inamdar

What are enemies, can teach us, India and Pakistan,
Making difference between Rahim and Ram.

India and Pakistan are almost same,
And the people are disturbing cricket game.

No politics must be there in cricket,
There’s fighting if either have a wicket.

Right from birth children think of our enemy,
But when grown-ups think of war it destroys economy.

So Indians don’t invite wrath,
Please kill your thoughts by taking a new path.

Adventure in Woods

a poem by Neetika Inamdar

I remember my journey in a ship
Which moved in ocean very deep

Suddenly, it struck an island
Passengers went out to see the new land

I never saw such a peace
Just I could hear snake’s hiss

The beautiful waves of blue sea
Due to wind the moving coconut tree

Such a scene when I see
Makes me very happy

Jungle was seen on other side
I felt cold as I went inside

Suddenly I heard a water falling sound
That was a large water falls I ever found

The exciting and cold running water
Which filled my whole bottle

The feelings of fresh air
And down something I could stare

My feet felt something hard
Which had designs of star

It was a big box
Just hard as a rock

Opened and found treasure
I came up with adventure

To everyone I showed the treasure way
Looking at it, nothing could anyone say

My such happy face had no one seen
It was an exciting day in the woods of green

Everything in Vain

a poem by Neetika Inamdar

Rain! Rain! Rain!
Throughout the day it’s rain,
There are so many pains,
And everything is in vain.

The dirty gutters are full,
So everywhere is waterpool.

Driving Car is a big pain,
As the engine is in vain.

Some People are afraid of walking,
As no snakes and insects are missing.

There legs are full in pain,
And their wet clothes in vain.

Poor hut people Can’t walk on road,
As the water is next to door.
They themselves are in pain,
and their hut is in vain.

Trees smash here and there,
At last some trees fell.
So trees are in pain,
Everything is in vain.

Rickshaws are pushed by the drivers,
Who may suffer from fever.
The drivers face economical pain,
So their money is in vain.

Rain! Rain!
There are so many pains,
And everything is in vain.