Poems by Neeraj Tripathi


a poem by Neeraj Tripathi

Four letter word
Why to give too much importance
Whoever heard
Fell its unique presence
Why love is important
When some people think it’s nonsense
They don’t find this interesting
But still agree with its presence
Love spreads as we love
But I never understood
The mystery of love
Why love is called love
Why to love
Whom to love
Moreover what is love
Some people said love is life
Some said god is the symbol of love
I keep on searching and found the
Right definition of love
That love is love

What’s the title

a poem by Neeraj Tripathi

I take a small imaginative flight,
Whenever I get the mood to write,
I take some interesting topic,
Start writing whatever click,
I write the best possible,
May be its comedy or thrill,
First all events I list
Then I give some poetic twist,
When I shoot poem from poetic gun,
Some people like that, some run,
Poet’s best quality is to smile,
Always being happy is the best style,
When I decide the title,
While going through the poem Lifecycle,
Attempts to select title go in vain,
It takes time, requires applying brain.
There starts the problem,
As people say I have no brain,
As always I again wrote poem,
Still the title problem remain…


a poem by Neeraj Tripathi

Uncle or aunt
Nephew or niece
Everyone here
Wants only peace
For our life
The ultimate goal
The peace of mind
The peace of soul
Unfortunately there is a black list
Every listed person we call terrorist
Some persons for their own sage
Call it as the holy rage
We don’t want any type of fight
But it’s time to reunite
I am not the teacher
Not the priest
But wants to say this at least

We work anywhere in any mod
One day we have to answer god