Poems by Nadeem Zia G


a poem by Nadeem Zia G

Femininity thy kind so fragile
Yet thine art so divine

Your nature sublimely so agile
For thine soul is His shrine

Thy name is embodiment of love
Yet your strength is of mighty courage

Though your tenderness is that of dove
Lest when exploited beware of your rage

Your morphing hues in life
Of a daughter, sister, wife and mother

Each full of passion and rife
Thou harbinger of life for further

I bow my head before you with humbleness
Oh thou essence of greatness


a poem by Nadeem Zia G

He was proud of his best creation;
seeing the chaotic world regrets his decision.

Man was to be an image of Himself;
which was foolish a part on Himself.

Humans on this earth numbering in billions;
fighting in name of race and religions.

All we behold is blood and death;
is the darkest mistake Mankind maketh.

We differentiate based on colour and skin;
which is Human kind’s greatest sin.

Man is divided in many creed and race;
forgets that all are of one Human race.

I pray we have a religion Humanity;
which is ultimate penance for this insanity.

Macabre at sea shore

a poem by Nadeem Zia G

Serenity of sea was no less than awe;
When for first time in my life I saw.

But when sea thunders at nature’s wrath;
No defence any kind ever hath.

All Mankind’s claims and glory;
Destroyed at the great Tsunami’s fury.

No prophecy would have ever thought;
That the holocaust was of such a lot.

Dance of death at sea shore was grisly;
Ravaging all in a manner so ghastly.

Thousands perished with millions homeless;
Asking for mercy and nature being merciless.

Here we stand in front of Marine;
Yet so strong and yet so fragile.

This is the irony of Mother Nature;
At times tender, at times plunder…

My Friends

a poem by Nadeem Zia G

Life is all, but about friends;
cherishing them with affection, which never ends.

I feel, I am a lucky art;
because my friends are a class apart.

They stood by my downs in life;
never leaving me drown in sorrow of strife.

They laugh when I laugh and cry when I cry;
lest letting my heart go dry.

Their friendship is an honor bestowed upon me;
is a privilege too profound, for a small mortal like me.

The gum of togetherness is our quintessential love;
which is as pure as a chaste dove.

That unbreakable bond which keeps us united;
is always an envy in the jealousy minded.

Deep in my heart there is a little prayer;
Oh Lord! keep this friendship going on forever…

A Silly Infatuation

a poem by Nadeem Zia G

It started as mere friendship;
demanded of me, a lot of hardship.
I liked the joviality in her heart;
for I too, was a little juvenile at heart.
Spent few memorable moments with her;
revered her as best of friends ever.
Then she was off to her kith’s nuptial knot;
as she loved that lass a lot.

Felt was it love at first sight?
For I was killed by her beauty so bright.
In her love I became a stupid;
thanks to the mischievous Cupid.
Thought we were made for each other;
as I couldn’t think of anything else than her.
In her absence, couldn’t spend a moment;
became a recluse for my mismanagement.

My life became nothing more than slime;
thanks to my fictitious relationship so sublime.
Solitude without her was like chilling winters;
as to me days became months and months like years.
This insanity of her love was all time high;
believed, for her sake I could even die!

When she returned with all fairy tales of the Wed;
which I felt was an ache in my head.
This unprecedented crush started to fade with time;
for I felt life was much more than this juice of lime.
Was it real love or just a foolish Infatuation?
This mystery is muddling my Imagination!!