Poems by Milton Ghosh

The Final Destination

a poem by Milton Ghosh

Down the winding roads of my memory I take a walk,
On a normal yet sad epoch,
Those forgotten lanes,
The rusts and the gains,
That remained so long lock, I unwind.
I unconfine them and find,
I have achieved every feat,
I have honed my inner wit,
I overpowered all the tough,
I have seen and heard enough
I realize, I want no more,
Life is now an open sore.
O Death! Embrace me with your bliss,
So I could walk my final road with ease.

The undone deeds

a poem by Milton Ghosh

Wake up, O Mortal! You are dead.
Time is running and you lie in bed.
You conquered the peaks and the deeps
Yet bowed to the misery and the weeps.
You climbed to victory of every steep
Yet fought wars to reign the weak.
You tamed the nature and strived to be wise
Yet failed to subdue your inner vice.
You build proud towers and monuments high
And also those borders of human sigh.

Wake up, O Human! ‘Tis early to be dead
For you still have miles, to go ahead.

The Wait

a poem by Milton Ghosh

Calm like a meditating Lama,
I smell the bed’s woody aroma,
And await for my time to be up
As I sip my life’s last cup.
Anticipating my demise stands my kins
While I count my deeds and sins
I linger in the lights of flickering flame
Death to come and make His claim.
I have met each rank, achieved every goal,
So without lament I play this final role.
As Life deprives me of Her touch,
Like the stillness of a broken watch
My ticking life comes to a halt,
And I dissolve in eternity like wet salt.