Poems by Meggie


a poem by Meggie

Everything is perfect in this place we’re all from.
It’s a magical place that lures us to come.
Because it’s such a great place,
our souls hardly grow.
It’s a choice we can make to visit below.
If we decide that we want to go,
Our friends sit and tell us what we need to know.
We choose the faults we wish to leave behind.
And when everything is decided, enter a world oh so blind.
Where we are now is a horrible place.
All memories of the past have been erased.
We don’t understand why we’re here.
In the back of our mind exists great fear.
We try to adapt to the surrounding world,
No way to stop the challenges being hurled.
Each passing day we grow a little more.
We begin to forget the obstacles we’d faced the day before.
We enjoy ourselves, not wanting to leave,
Knowing how much friends and family will greave.
Time passes by, we start to remember the day before.
The future seems to be calling, to us more and more.
One day it happens; this world is left behind.
We remember again the contract,
a hundred years ago we signed.
Our true selves and memories exist only in our mind.
So we leave behind the material things,
and peace we set out to find.
We greet our old friends with a new found happiness.
A need to further ourselves, is calling much less.
From our perch above, we watch others learn.
There’s nothing we can do from here;
they made the choice, it’s their turn.
Everyone is back, satisfied with what was achieved.
A perfect place, our universe, together everyone weaved.


a poem by Meggie

The first time we met, you were so nice.
You approached and talked, with me more than twice
I didn’t know you very well.
How nice you were, I had yet to tell.
Everyone likes you, you’re the centre of their conversations.
To every party, you’re given an invitation.
This past year I’ve got to know you even more.
We’ve spoken a few more times, each time my heart soured.
On trips I’ve sat beside you, and was in total bliss.
The years before I met you, I didn’t know what I’d missed.
At the end of this year, you’re going away.
There’s so much I haven’t come to terms with yet,
and want you to stay.
You have no idea, I feel how, I do, towards you.
I imagine my life so much better, if only you knew.
But if I told you, no doubt you’d be upset.
And if you never spoke again to me, I’d be filled with regrets.