Poems by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Little Democratic Heads

a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Each little blade of grass
has its own individuality
surviving every casuality
in its own territory,
Like a green carpet
spread beneath your feet
crushed, trampled upon
mowed but not bowed.
Little democratic heads
launch a message of togetherness.
Forget not the people
humble and deprived
they serve their nation well
however lowly they may lie.

Dewy Drops

a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Dewy drops dancing
on the dangling leaves
soon vanish.
So light they are
they don’t experience
even a fall.
They simply get lost
no trace is left
they are there or nowhere.
They don’t have stages
of growth or of fall
unwept tears they are.

Promises of Love

a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Some mysterious mischievous monster stalked the city.
Ravaged it and razed the houses to the grounds.
A gust of dust and smoke
oozing smell of black hot lava
greeted the sad solitary figure
frantically searching
the lost beat of his heart.
The dog sniffed and pulled the master to the spot.
Was it the diamond ring?
Shining promises of their love
never to part in pain or pleasure.
With trembling hands,
a throbbing heart
he reached for the fair hands of his love
pale and limp they still bore
the traces of his warm kisses
Only awhile ago!

Only awhile ago as he turned to go
the whole building came crashing down
and with it the world of cherished dreams.
The hands he touched with flooded eyes
grew colder and colder.
But warmer and warmer
the promises of love
shown in the light of the ring.


a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Like a glistening dew
it felt the touch of soft petals
when shaken by a sudden gust
of unfeeling dust
soon it touched the heat
of inhospitable ground
and evaporated!
Can friendship survive
the dusty onslaughts
of hot props?

“It can be sipped like tea”
my friend says,
“or eaten raw as a carrot
repeatedly pronounced parrot-fashion
It fades into a thick smoke
of needs, desires and cares.
Who says a friend in need is a friend indeed?”
And so saying my friend
passed me a carrot over a cup of tea.

The Young Cat

a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

Still flashing before my eyes
the marvellous event of the day
When my young cat, the Great Caesar
entered the room with a triumphant look
“Came, saw and won” in its big eyes
clamped immobile both the ends
something U-shaped in its leaky mouth.
I got the fright of my life
when it placed the trophy
at the retreating feet of mine
when hissed to its full length
it darted out its forked tongue
kept imprisoned just a while ago.
How it looked then!
A horse-shoe!
A lucky charm to bring good luck?
My Caesar, the young cat couldn’t care less.

My Dreams

a poem by Meenakshi Verma Dr

A frightened wet timorous lot
sulking in musty desolate nook
Fanciful creatures of ultra vision
finding themselves in dreary lands
wary of thumps and threats juvenile
stultified non-entity My Dreams
bemoan the slap of benign treachery.
Milky white agonies brighten up
the dark fields of aborted dreams.