Poems by Mathangi Venkatesan

When my dream crashed…

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

For nearly more than a decade,
Not a day I had failed to dream about it
Not once my eyes didn’t sparkle on looking at it
Not a prayer had been uttered without asking for it.

But all of a sudden- it all seemed to fade,
There was no fruit for all my work
Looking at the same dream I could now merely smirk
With grief i went almost berserk.

Why did my dream evade me?I felt so betrayed
The result had been announced
But my dream, could not be renounced.
This day in my life has from then been very pronounced…

But life doesn’t stop- and so it did progress
But did a day go, without thinking about it? Never!!!
The unfulfilled dream seemed to remain a scar forever,
The only difference was I now had a new endeavour.

And yes – my efforts now did achieve success.
Still, after many years have gone by,
My heart craves for that dream, which I cannot deny
And the eyes that once sparkled looking at it, now can only cry.

Why, with that dream have i been so obsessed???
Coz its one which from my childhood days I longed for,
Today though I have come a long way, that humble elusive dream I adore
Not a day goes without thinking(but not dreaming) about it like once before…


a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

Just a few rhythmic verses,
Which are like beautiful roses.
Just a wild dream
About the green trees or silvery stream.

What joy and peace!
It really keeps us in great ease.
To stand amidst the beautiful nature,
And write about any little creature.

Writing poems is a wonderful art,
That comes from the depth of one’s heart.
A good skill,
That can be enjoyed even on a remote hill.

It is like a sweet scent
And time can be wisely spent.
With wild imagination and just a pen,
Who knows we can become great men!

The great story of freedom struggle

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

The Britishers made the Indians toil,
And their blood boil,
Looked down upon us with a scorn
And felt in a superior race they were born.

They emptied our treasury,
Only to live in comfort and luxury,
In the name of giving independence,
Around us they erected a strong fence.

Among the Indians they created rivalry,
But… it exhibited our courage and bravery
Young leaders of this great nation,
Struggled for our country with passion.

They set their heart and soul,
To reach that unreachable goal,
About our culture, they endlessly spoke
And the patriotic spirit they did evoke.

To get swaraj was every man’s desire
And his heart was burning like fire
The whole country united as one,
With firm determination finally won!

Man with Nature

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

It was on a cold February night
I got up with my chest so tight,
The thought of nature as a great sight
Struck me like a light!
Was I asleep or awake?

I thought of the golden sun, so bright
As if fire with flaming light
Polluted by us, is the blue river
Oh! Think of Ganges our great mother.

Against the purple sky, I saw the silver stars gleam,
And the ripples in the quiet stream,
On either side are the green fields
And lo! The power it wields.

Yes, the nature I saw
That which no artist can ever draw
The earth with her mighty, colorful dress
Which from almighty is really a bliss.

Then suddenly I woke up with despair,
Full of fear, I began to perspire
I shudder to think what will happen
If the nature is corrupted so often?

Nature’s uses are so vast
But we pollute it by bomb blast
In this world which is developing fast
The nature is ignored and away it is cast.

Trees give us pure air,
But about them we don’t care,
Without trees imagine the world so bare
Truly it is not at all fair.

Still there is time to act,
Let’s handle the situation with tact.
Plant trees and make the world green
To make the air healthy and clean.

Life can be colorful as a rainbow,
It’s true, don’t raise your eyebrow,
Clean city, Green city should be the goal
Let everybody play their good role.


a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

Life with music
Either western or carnatic,
Is just fantastic,
But not too realistic.

Music is extraordinary,
But of course imaginary;
It cannot be defined in a dictionary,
And calms down your fury.

Can be enjoyed in any age,
Even by a priest or a sage,
It controls your rage,
With music you can have a good image.

Music is a sort of meal,
And has the power to heal,
It is touching to feel,
Many hearts it will steal…

National Integration

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

Divided we fall, united we stand,
Religious discrimination should be banned
To the poor give a helping hand
And make India a better land.

The strength we should gain
For India that is the main
There should be no suffering and pain,
And, ofcourse no brain drain.

Is there true integration today?
Are all the people happy and gay?
A price for everything we pay
Sad, yet it is true today.

Fights amongst caste, and bomb blast
On integration a shadow of doubt cast,
In our country which is vast.
How can we improve very fast?

Was a great country in the past
Epics and legends to last,
The hardships with courage we bear,
The glory of the nation only we care.

Let us divide the river water,
And not be divided by the river water;
Let us not be divided by the land
But stand united on this land.

Let us join our hearts and mind,
To the poor the rich be kind
With love we shall bind
India on top we shall find.

Failure and inspiration

a poem by Mathangi Venkatesan

When I fail,
I become so pale,
I disappoint my mother
And shed off like a feather.

When I cried and shed tear(s)
I crush the hope of my dear and near.
I feel dejected and depressed,
I am under pressure and stressed.

I agree, I accept my fault,
But I promise I will not halt,
I will avenge the defeat
And I am sure I can beat.

Will this be a stepping stone?
Yes, my confidence has just grown.
Should it be a turning point
Or just a broken joint?

No! I will do my best
And excel in God’s test.

An inspiration
Yes, you have failed,
your fate is not yet mailed
Your parents are there to guide
To take you in their stride.

Failure is the stepping stone of success
Your confidence? Away it thrown.
But never ever mourn
While others do frown
Show your confidence has grown.

Forget the past and think of the future,
Only with hard work, you will grow in your stature,
Forget the past, don’t think everything is lost,
Make sure this failure is your last.