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Marriage not in Heaven

Marriages made in Heaven, told
Now not in Heaven but in money
Not by God, but by dowry
God never makes a marriage success
But money makes it very success
Not by love, but by jewels she brings
Not by good character, but by beauty
Money makes everything possible Adage
It shows in marriage too, What a Pity!

Justice as Victim!

Justice be made seen in courts
Poverty too for more victims
Rich never pays dividends alas
Such systems do we have here
That justifies injustice here ever
Says innocent be punished never
Though accused are liberated, yes
This sees truth in hanging rope
Jessica trial betrayed our hope
All ends well, where money plays
What we are here, my friend tell
Humane or Inhumane question will
To make soil Red never ending toil
Which makes society always perfect


Do what you are supposed to do
Never wind anybody which has
Reaction in some ways, as ‘Valluvan’
In his ‘Thirukural’ admonishes now
What you do, will have future effect
In your twilight years, so as a human being
Live for others not a man selfish
That activity takes you the higest regards
My friend my advice always to you is
Secular in thought, rationalise your activity
Think not God, but man which ‘Periar’s’ saying
Stand tallest, go ahead with principles
My fellow human beings! This world be yours!

Stand up, walk ahead of time

Yesterday gone, today still passing on,
Tomorrow yours O’ man stand up and walk
Never look back that is for cowards.
Be not coward, history won’t forgive,
Take light in your hand illuminate places
Wherever you happen to go, such deeds
May place you at the peak, think always
Ahead of time as scientists do, rationalise
Your ways nothing would deter you proceeding
Forward march, educate people who approach you
In the path of struggle to achieve their goal.
Surely you would be ahead of time stand up!

Nothing Impossible

Courage sets nothing, but everything possible!
Not in body but in mind, takes this you peak
Bagath Singh stands in history for valour
Rationalism that His power and Reason
Never He looked back only towards Goal
Ever He remembered till mankind lasts
Religion or God not in His mind or words
Liberty to mankind He marched towards
He be the model for younger generations
Nothing impossible in Him, Behold!