Poems by Manu Pande

The shameless

a poem by Manu Pande

The most caring people in his life, were those whom he need not guess,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Betraying the faith of his loved ones and making of it a mess,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Making the grades of his father fall, because that of his, yes,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Obstructing the prayers of his mother by not working hard, that he graded less,
How can be someone, more than him shameless.
Waiting for a chance to fight back, rise and win his life’s game of chess,
Is now what he searches, yes this shameless.

SORRY Mamma, Babba and Bhavya.

A Terrorist

a poem by Manu Pande

A man is not born terrorist,
he becomes when his self can’t resist.
He too has dreams with kings and queens,
but he becomes nil infront of his terrorist, and destroy his teens.
He too remembers prayers at times,
similar to what a student recalls when he is not with his rhymes.
When he was a lad he too played snakes and ladder,
but his weak resistance made snakes all over and him scatter.
So we must not follow the bandwagon, and think,
that the thing to be eliminated is the terrorist-mind link.

What is Riot?

a poem by Manu Pande

When people get distracted from their one and only religion, humanism,
this is riot.

When people let their evil rise, and neglect the word secularism,
this is riot.

When people distinguish between Kuran, Gita, blindly,
and forget about the biggest similarity
this is riot.

When people are able to make out difference between blood,
and invite a stormy flood
this is riot.

When people forget their origination,
and too the same destination
this is riot.

When people opt for the path of superiority
and neglect the word equality
this is riot.

When people have their progress as the prime goal,
and forget that the world lookes nice as whole
this is riot.

When people boldly criticize a terrorist and say,
bloody terrorist let him lay
this is riot.

Why did I said all this?

Because this can be understood by a secular Indian only,
and their’s nothing to hate,
but by now we should realize that the thing which lacks,
is the boldness in our voice while saying India the great.

Indian Cricket Team

a poem by Manu Pande

My Poem is all about the Indian Cricket Team,
Which sometimes is a like a small spray and sometimes a stream.
Ganguly is the leader of the team or the boss,
Who has a poor luck of always loosing the toss.
Now we move towards the batting line-up,
Which without Sachin is like a broken cup.
When sachin is on the crease we come to see some glamorous shots,
And when out, we see a chain of catches.
Some times at the end Zaheer and Prasad play some good strokes,
Which make our sad faces happy, like listening to some jokes.
Now we move towards the bowling part,
Which is like carrying 4’s and 6’s in a cart,
When Zaheer bowls some sizzling Yorkers with a new ball,
Then Prasad on the other hand enables the umpire’s hand to rise and fall.
Some times captain Ganguly strikes some wickets,
But they are the payments to the shots played in his bowling of real cricket.
This is our Indian team with builders and spoilers in different field,
Which sometimes makes the country to face the dark side
And sometimes greets it with shield.
This team has a great future with an open gate,
Any way we should feel proud in saying INDIA THE GREAT!

Bhavya my sis

a poem by Manu Pande

A girl who wants to tap,
Wants the feathers of popularity in her cap.
She dissolves love and honesty in the life
And makes it delicious,
Just one thing that is to be improved in her nature
Is that she is little bit superstitious.

But I pray God that she reach her goals with
A lot of hard work like an coolie
Not making it ease by working as a Bully.