Poems by Manoj R Lulla

A journey called life!

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

This is a journey from cradle to pyre,
Chasing our dreams and million desires,
Enacting many roles more often that of a liar,
Ignoring the ultimate truth that we all belong to earth or fire…

Running behind the myth called happiness we fall,
Lamenting of our ill fate and sorrows we start to crawl,
Crawl on the rough path known to us as destiny,
We struggle to realise our dreams, but they are just too many…

While trotting this path of destiny we build relations,
We want them by our sides during our trials and tribulations,
Not many of them even over a period of time build so strong,
But the one which do we want them to last long…

Finally the truth is what we all know,
Alone we had came and alone we will go,
Dreams and relations were just ornaments
And this body was just a dress that we wore,
Completing our duties with honesty and
Leaving behind everything will mark the true “Victory of our Soul”

I saw a pleasant dream!!

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

Yes I saw a pleasant dream,
We were together and out of joy I was to scream,
You looked in my eyes and I, in yours,
We dint even notice around us the crowd and chaos,
Between ourselves we were fully engrossed…

Your sweet scent took me on cloud number nine,
Intoxicated me, without whisky or wine,
I felt so fresh and everything seemed so fine,
That I couldn’t resist but ask you out to dine…

The candle lit the table and my desires,
Pretending to be cool, but within me there was a fire,
I held your hand close to my heart,
And you realised whose name in each of its beat it was…

“Lucky Me!”, I thought to myself,
To take things further, I prayed to God for his Help,
We got close enough to hug each other…
And “Wake up you moron, you’re late!!”, shouted my mother…
Yes indeed I saw a pleasant dream!!!


a poem by Manoj R Lulla

In our life we often meet many people everyday
Some we adore, for others we seldom care
And then certain incidents occur suddenly, to make you realise the truth
That we all are Lonely

We fall in Love, thank the Master of Heaven above
Blissfully dream of being together till eternity,
Before the one you’ve loved beyond all limits of insanity,
Actually tells you that there’s nothing in reality

We make friends to share our up’s and downs
They at first listen, try to understand but later frown
Can’t blame them as they have their limitations
And we finally pray for them to live up to their aspirations

Lonely at heart, lonely in life
This loneliness seems to be a blessing in disguise
It has opened my eyes and made me realise
That its just you and yourself with whom one has to suffice

Rain : The Gift of Life

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

The Season of Love is what its called,
Bringing respite from heat and sweat for all,
Filling our heart with joy and conquering the pain,
Yes the best gift of nature to mankind is Rain…

It is the first shower of every rainy season,
In which we laugh and dance for no particular reason,
In which every soul wants to get wet,
In which their tensions and worries they just Forget,

Filling our reservoirs with water for the whole year,
Spreading smiles across the faces of million farmers and negating their fears,
To clean our polluted environment is why she’s here,
These are just few of many reasons why monsoons are so dear…

Nature has always showered her blessings upon us with open arms,
But we will remain to be humans and exploit her till it harms,
26/7 was not just an event but an alarm,
For all of us to wake up and disarm…

Disarm the harmful plastic which choked our river,
Disarm the dream which compelled our city that night to dreadfully shiver,
Constructing sealinks, flyovers and transforming our city into Shanghai
Is indeed a pleasant but distant dream,
And to accomplish it we must all keep our city clean
Which will ensure that this gift of life drains down smoothly through every stream…

Heart Broken…

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

To all of you in love out there,
Having a special someone to cry with and care,
Here’s an advice from your friend in despair,
Our heart is made of glass, so beware…

Life ain’t full of pleasant dreams,
Its more often like an Ice cream,
Live it completely before it melts,
B’coz it’s not gonna go your way as you’ve always felt…

Destiny my friend is the villain here,
Who won’t allow you to conquer your love and that’s for sure,
I hope that for the above thought I’m mistaken,
But in my case that’s the truth, I’m heart broken…

Yes the one whom I’ve loved for years,
Has abandoned my life leaving me in tears,
“I don’t love you” is what she said,
And the glass broke rewarding me and my love with living death…

Beautiful Eyes

a poem by Manoj R Lulla

Say a word, sing a song
Seasons change and they are all gone,
Time goes by, life moves on
But the glare of your beautiful eyes does prolong.

Beauty at it’s best, though not a word said
Reveals your love for me, like a storm beneath the calm sea.

When sparkling like the brightest star,
In the galaxy of joy, I know then, that you are
Giving me a reason to say, “Thank you Lord” for keeping her this way.

Even when wet, do I ever regret
The pain, the sorrow and that I hurt you.
Living a million deaths, if I can put in a way would rather do.

And now that we’ve part,
I still pray from the bottom of my heart…
Your beautiful eyes never fade,
For days, months, years and decades.


a poem by Manoj R Lulla

We all need them and we all have them,
Our lives’ they very well comprehend…
Sweet as angels and precious as Gems…
Here on Earth we know them as

Some of mine, whom I adore,
For higher studies have gone offshore…
With a “Million things” in their to do list,
To be in touch with me, they often miss

Some of mine, who are super brains,
Toil hard out here day ‘n’ nite, be it summer or rain
Solving assignments at IIT and UDCT,
I wish all the best for the future of these technocrats to be

Some of mine, or I guess one of mine,
With whom the “Most vulnerable” friendship I share
At times shows ultimate care and on others leaves me in despair,
Not the best, but a good friend currently,
I wish it stays the same till eternity

Some of mine are very busy indeed,
Initially kept in touch but later did recede,
We talked, we laughed Hee Hee Hee
See I still remember you for my notes of IPC

And for all those whom I’ve missed on above,
I thank you, for all your love…
No matter how tough this life may pretend,
I’ll overcome all hurdles as long as I have you all as my