Poems by Manju Bhargavi S

My Death…

a poem by Manju Bhargavi S

My heart breaks
Tears flooded my ways
Why death not coming
I’m waiting for you only
You are the one I love most

All my days begins with tears
All my days I await your arrival
I dedicate my love for you only
Where are you? Why I love you?
You are the one fit for me

Oh, my death… Not a second I can wait…
My soul wants freedom
It is fighting for independence,
Making wounds physically and mentally
Come… embrace me… kiss me.

My Death

a poem by Manju Bhargavi S

Who is that… following me?
Who is guiding my shadow?
I fear… I screamed…
I wondered, “Who is that?”

I can smell his presence
I feel a cool air by near
My soul feels like jumping
Out of this flesh

His face is bright
I could not see in vivid
He clings my hands
I feel my heart flying

No chance to wonder again
No chance to freeze
He embraced me and kissed my lips
At last, I’m surrounded by love

Calculate my Love

a poem by Manju Bhargavi S

You are my breath which
When leave me
Can take my soul away

It’s not a pond, which
Dry in a hotty sun
But a calm Ocean

Want to see its width
And depth? Try it
Sure, you will drown!!!

(To my fiance)