Poems by Manish Tembhurkar

Last Conversation

a poem by Manish Tembhurkar

Boy : “What I did for four years?
     With Broadened Gates and white Pillars!”
     Shaking my Head I move ahead,
     Carrying the eyes of empty tears.

IT : Stop! The IT said,
     I gave my name to give you fame.

Boy : “The fame of everlasting stain!
     In the society of Bread for the sane.”
     I turned my head on silly phrase,
     Gave a smile and walk for a while.

IT : “I opened the books and workshop booth
     To acquaint you with the technical truth.”

Boy : Suddenly listening the library silence and lab work assignments,
     Fulled my nerves with the handy confidence.
     “I learned things with practical sense,
     But have I focused any Innovative lens.”

IT : “I picked the gems, to make your friends
     And gave the reasons, to gather on occasions.”

Boy : Thrilled with the fulled nerves,
     Grilled with the friendship curves.
     “In reminiscences I found the Gossips, the emotional affair,
     And the life facing advises, which a friend could only dare.”

IT : “I gave you teachers and a master preacher,
     To teach you every path, to pave in life.”

Boy : I stand silent, to think its meaning,
     Then stepped proud, with heartbeats raised.
     “Your great teachings and your great preachings,
     Your principles and ideals really a guide.”

IT : “I gave you thoughts and perception to think,
     A spiritual technique to logically link,
     Fight out the troubles, fierce and brave,
     Aim your goals day and night,
     And prove my glorious birth and might.”

Boy : I nod my head and move ahead,
     Carrying the benign wishes of our IT.
     Leaving a drop of salty water,
     Which whispered “Good bye My Alma Matar.”


a poem by Manish Tembhurkar

Furnish your life with the colours of cherished benevolence,
Confer your love with the colours of faithfulness,
Offer your labor with the colours of truthfulness,
Share your friends with the colours of promises,
Assign your subordinates with the colours of vigorousness,
Disparage your hostility with the colours of obliviousness,
Tribute your mortality with the colours of courageousness,
He (God) will bliss you with the colours of rewarding hymns,
For colours are the scintillates of vivid vivacious dexterity.

The Millennium Ship

a poem by Manish Tembhurkar

Between the people, she roused,
Five were pillars and five were floors,
Dream’s were walls and co-operation were goals.
This was nothing but TCC boards.

Together we planned, together we sowed,
Together we crossed, the hurdles by own.
But the ship is full of, hope of all,
So, how can a thrust be let it fall?
She marched the race and crossed the gates,
And now the dates at IT age,
She feels proud and loved by Crowds.
She glitters those who come close,
She flickers those who make it rouse.

She opens and closes the sessions of history
Breaking the eggs of product-watch mystery!
With, diversive seminars and conversive GDs
She helped the people to call them techies.
She served the techies with entertainment,
Within the halls of infotainment.

This is all about her glorious body,
But soul is deeper than figurative lobby,
Now she is ready for a new voyage
Under the hands of millennium privilege.
The ship is headed by a technology flag
Written on which the millennium slogan
“We talk technology”

TCC: Technocrat’s Club
GD: Group Discussion