Poems by Manibhushan Rao


a poem by Manibhushan Rao

Little angels making their way into this hell,
Straight from god’s hands into this world they fell,
From endless rainbows to mushroom clouds,
Life’s essence is trampled in crowds

You are the youth of tomorrow they say,
You are the light that banishes the shadow of the day,
You are the promise of a better tomorrow,
And my brothers died, and bled rivers of red

Look through yourself to see the other side of the mirror,
Watch your soul leave your body with a reptilian slither,
Would you bring a child into this world of perpetual nights?
Would you bring a child into this world, with hatred reaching its heights?

Breath while you can, and watch yourself fall from grace,
For your joy she will hide her longing for an embrace,
The woman of your dreams has become a mundane object,
A part of those dreams you will only see in retrospect

When did the sun set in your eyes?
When did the tears leave our cries?
We watch as hatred soaks the colour from our lives,
What explanation will we give him when he arrives?

Ask not the cost of a life,
But ask, what is the price of death?
With the salty air he will burn your skin,
As the sight of him takes your breath

This is a world of genocides and homicides, but suicides?
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side,
Sooner or later we must learn to coexist,
Because life is too short for the ways of a racist

Breathe while you can my brother,
The fault lies in you and no other,
Look in the darkest reaches of your tattered soul,
And start mending it, start from the largest hole.

Warm Pain

a poem by Manibhushan Rao

When I look at you,
When I look through you,
I wanna feel the morning sunshine,
With its rays as long and fine
As the strands of your hair blowin’ in the wind,
Just before it rains,
Inside all I feel is pain,
Cold pain searing through my veins,
Reigning over me tonight,
Pain that I fight to keep out tonight,
But I can’t,
No, not tonight.

The pain comes attended with floods of memories,
A part of me feels discomfited by these memories,
But another part of me feels totally tormented,
As all I have left of you is this warm evanescence of reminiscence,
Which has turned cold,
As cold as those eyes of yours I am staring into,
Tryin’ to get a hold of myself,
As my thoughts spiral out of control,
I wanna fall through a hole in the ground beneath us,
Fall out of this unrealistic world,
As I hold your hand just you and me,
Into my world, where we can be free,

But you have changed things between us,
By making every action of mine seem suspicious,
Now I fall away,
My feelings martyred for the sake of your principles,
Knowing that I can’t hold your hand and fight this pain,
Now I fall away, into my world,
Full of lonely raptures,
Which is the Panacea for my heart,
Still healing from your blows,
Those cracks and fractures.

The residue of a heart burn

a poem by Manibhushan Rao

This Romeo is bleedin’
But you can’t see his blood,
That’s ’cause you’re on the outside,
Outside, and away from the flood;
That rages inside of him,
As he fumbles with his words,
But you don’t look into those eyes,
Those eyes presently filled with hope,
Those eyes presently filled with anticipation,
Those eyes, which would later be filled with
Misery, agony and the residue of a heart burn.

-for Kinjal, loving you has got me writing poetry!