Poems by Mairah Bakke

The Mall

a poem by Mairah Bakke

The mall is filled with things to do,
Walking around or buying shoes.
Cute guys that pass us by,
Never stopping to say hi.
At the mall, we always are,
Shopping at the Famous Barr.
Carousel goes round and round,
shop till you drop, or hit the ground!
Pictures galore, there’s always more.
Limited Too, Aeropostale, A and Fitch,
So many choices, I can’t choose which!
Shopping is great, I can’t be late,
To meet my friends at the front gate.

I Hoped

a poem by Mairah Bakke

I heard your voice from far away,
You never stopped, to stop and say,
That one fine day you’d find the one,
To hold, to care, to love, and love
from day to day, from night, to night,
I sat in bed so scared with fright,
that I would never find the one,
to hold, to care, to love, and love.
I always hoped YOU’D be the one,
That I cared for, that I loved!
But now I know you don’t love me,
so now I’ll go and let you be.

To: Riley