Poems by Mahua Roy

Dear Teacher…

a poem by Mahua Roy

You have given my life a meaning,
You have given me a reason to live;
You have given me love, support and care,
You have only learnt to give.

When I was alone in the dark,
With no one standing by me;
You came along with a light
And lightened the path to see.

When I was sad, distressed and disturbed,
With no one so near;
You just waved your hand upon my head,
This only gesture stopped my tears.

When I laughed you laughed with me,
When I cried you cried;
Gradually, you became a part of my life
From you, nothing I could hide.

You defined both- Motherhood and Friendship,
You paved my path of Future;
This way, you made me understand that,
‘There is no one like a Teacher’.

My love for you Dear Teacher
Is deeper than the seven seas;
My eyes vibrantly reflect this love
For you to clearly see.

We had to part someday or the other,
And that day is near;
The more I want to greet it with smiles,
The more gush my tears.

I silently confess today
With my eyes wet;
I am really incomplete without you,
You, I can never forget!


a poem by Mahua Roy

Life is like a view from a train,
Every moment won’t the same remain,
Somewhere you will see flowers and smiles,
Somewhere harshness and pain.

Change your mind with the view,
The “Yesterday” should mean nothing to you
It will be difficult to forget it but!
It will be simpler to hide it too.

But also don’t think of the Coming sight,
It is in God’s Righteous might,
Believe in His Fairness and Justice,
What He does is always right.

All you have is the view you are seeing,
Don’t get much attached, you’ll soon be leaving,
Joys and sorrows, they come and go,
What is Life? Meeting and Parting!

The true phase of India

a poem by Mahua Roy

What has India achieved in these 53 years?
Nothing much, but only tears.

Too much of population, no modesty, no wisdom,
Who says that we are enjoying Freedom?

‘India is a secular country’, everybody says so,
Where is its secularism? Where did it go?

Everyone is worried about himself and his family,
No one is ready to serve India wholeheartedly.

Don’t just feel if a Nuclear Test is done,
First try to understand that ‘We are one’

Is this Independence? I ask you O Indians,
Just think about my words! at least! once!

O! Children of India! This is our time to wake,
Let us unite! ;just for India’s sake!


a poem by Mahua Roy

I need support, I need love,
I need a Different relationship, sent from God above.

A relation without which one is lame,
A relation as sacred as God’s own name.

A relation as pure as a Mother’s tear,
A relation as innocent as a Baby’s fear.

In this evil world, there still exists a relationship,
Which by God’s grace is named Friendship.

Even the most evil person has a supporter called Friend,
Whose trustworthy love can never! ever! end.

A friend will share tears with you and also peals of laughter,
And will keep alive this bond forever and ever after!

Two bodies and a soul set sail this ‘ship’
With two hands tightly held with an enormous grip.

Friendship does not only mean sharing smiles and tears,
But just an unbreakable vow! ‘Give me your hand when you are in pain! ‘

Dignity of Labour

a poem by Mahua Roy

If I had crores of money at my home,
If I had money to own an aerodrome,

Can I lift my bag at the railway station?
Won’t people laugh if I performed such an action?

For lifting this bag I feel very shy,
So the coolie can do it, why should I?

‘Work is Worship’, that we know,
In opportunities let us show,

We should never be ashamed of doing any work,
Be it of a Boss, Servant, or a Clerk.

Carry out every work-Big or Small,
Imagine as ‘God gave me this call’.

Friends, this is the meaning of Dignity of Labour,
Please God by doing this favour.

An end – A beginning

a poem by Mahua Roy

How fortunate are we to bid adieu
To ‘that’ memorable sunset,
Waiting eagerly for the tears and smiles
The new millennium will get.

A decade! a century!;
A Millennium has passed,
Moulding the Future and
Shaping the Past.

‘India in the millennium’
Is our Future and also a Dream,
We can mould and shape this Vision
But is it as easy as it seems?

Man is so powerful today
He can do as per his desire,
He can create a beautiful world
Or can turn it to fire.

‘Our future is in our hands
Have we to protect IT or Merely destroy?
Have we to spread hatred and tears
or Fill the World with joy?’

Let’s celebrate this unforgettable beginning
With laughter and not sorrow,
Let Love and Peace prevail
For a Bright! Brighter Tomorrow!

A different World

a poem by Mahua Roy

It was a Different World when I closed my eyes!
I saw my life’s phase at each Golden Sunrise.

I enjoyed and regretted the moments of my Past,
I saw how fast those moments! those years passed.

My Tomorrow has unlocked in it my dream! my ambition,
It decided my Future, thus I lost or sometimes won!

When they don’t come true, there is great pain,
The heart is heavy controlling the tears and the eyes wet remain!

Some say, ‘We will not dream as we can’t bear ‘that’ sorrow’
But do they know that dreams are our Coming Tomorrow?

This Coming Tomorrow will one day become the Past
And let us enjoy once again those moments that have passed!

The sky is red and here falls the sun’s first Golden beam,
let’s welcome this Tomorrow, the unfulfilled! fulfilled dream!

He died for a stranger

a poem by Mahua Roy

He has dreams for his future, but he doesn’t care;
He says, he will come back, but he doesn’t swear

He is someone’s father, he is someone’s husband;
He is someone’s son, he is someone’s friend

He is not scared, he has no fears;
He said, ‘If I don’t return, don’t shed tears’

He fought bravely till he was alive;
He killed several intruders, but how long could he survive?

When his family got the news, they controlled their tears;
But everyone was proud that he became a martyr

He was a common Indian with a happy family;
But he became very uncommon by offering his life for you and me

He gave his life happily and destroyed his future view;
He died for a stranger! and that stranger is !.YOU

His masterpiece… His Image

a poem by Mahua Roy

I was wandering for years like a tired wanderer;
I was travelling for ages as a weary traveller.

I wanted a gentle touch that could pat me to sleep;
I wanted a soothing word that could pierce in my heart!..deep.

I wanted someone as a friend to stop and console my overflowing tears;
I wanted someone’s pure love so that I would forget hunger, thirst and fear.

Just then The Almighty appeared before my eyes;
Creating a Godly Figure he disappeared before my eyes.

Her gentle touch patted me to a (never before) restful sleep;
Her soothing words pierced my heart and I soon began to weep.

My tears suddenly disappeared as She started consoling me;
I hugged her suddenly (don’t know why) , it’s Her pure love!..maybe

She says nothing but conveys everything by Her smiles and tears;
I embraced my life with Her love and forgot hunger, thirst and fear.

I suddenly called out ‘MOTHER’, out of great affection;
This word fitted my feelings and God’s unique creation.

I later understood that God cannot be present here and there;
So He created His image to be with us everywhere! everywhere! everywhere!