Poems by Mahendra


a poem by Mahendra

How do you fight tears
and put on an act
when you know that
it’s a fact
that you can’t fight tears.

Tears of sorrow and pain
tears of people who are sane
but b’cos of their tears
which follow no rules
they begin to look like fools.

A tear proves love
which is far above
any sign of strength
tears are all you need
to fight hate evil and greed.

Tears are the silent cries
that can be heard
the echoes of loneliness
that are piercing
like the screech
of a wounded heart.

Tears speak biggest of volumes
without having to say a word.
Tears for whom silence is a virtue.

Who never let you down
after your heart is broken.


a poem by Mahendra

No one knows the origin of love,
‘Cos it’s gods unique creation.
From the birth till the end he’s with love,
The man gets his first love from mother,
From the womb itself tastes the love,
No one ever knows where the love is from,
Some wonders about love,
Some wanders for love,
Love is something which everyone needs.


a poem by Mahendra

When disaster strikes
it is the result
of years of mischance…

Be it Hiroshima or Nagasaki
or be it just a death of a loved one
when disaster strikes,
there are no tears to flow
all the tears are dried
and gone to the land of the dead…

It comes first as a trickle
and then becomes a deluge
a deluge drowning in it
people, emotions, sentiments
into the far unknown…

No one can replace
what is once gone
there is no way
to flee from the gloom
like a flock of migrating swallows
retreating into the twilit sky
over the ocean sparkling with
the beautiful moonlight…

When disaster struck
it was as though
all of a sudden
the horrors of life
had descended from
hell striking each blow
with a knife…

Monstrous horrors, inflicting
indiscriminately death
mutilation, irreparable loss
of life, love, hatred
the result being devastating…

Some went to heaven
some to hell
but how is one to know
what happened
to those children
who were killed
even before they


a poem by Mahendra

A cup of tea with buttered toast
A cup of tea with nought
My closet full of pretty things
And never have I bought

A pair of socks to match my shoe
My frozen feet turned blue
A pillow soft beneath my head
A sidewalk for a bed
A passage bought to meet my dreams
Starry eyes but no means
I wish, I want, I can, I will
I am left wishing still

A something that makes me generous
A something that is mean
A something that gives me choices
And sometimes makes me scream
A bunch of grass with roses red
that I wish I had sent…

Crazy Money

a poem by Mahendra

I watched my father concentrate
Over those numbers on telly,
The deciders of his fate!
He scrutinised the stock market up-to-date
Curious, I asked him – “What’s so great
about all these rates?”
He responded-“Nothing sonny,
It’s just a game played using genuine money.”

Well, life has it’s own ways;
It’s practically nothing but an abstract maze;
Accepts money as its main face,
Creating a world of various race.

Desire, the cause for misery
Greed for wealth leads to treachery
Deceits, battles, quarrels and fights
More the money, greater the might.

Some have one and some none,
Others acquire too much
So they move with a gun.
Insecure, if you have a ton
Man, to get more than his daily gruel,
Misused ‘Mother Earth’ where he was to dwell.

Let us value the value that we save,
Before destructive waves,
Turn our lives into hollow caves.


a poem by Mahendra

Happiness, pleasure, or, delight,
lest you should hide,
But for their silent reflections
In myriad manifestations:
Of depth and intensity,
Of passion and propensity,
Of broodings, big and small,
Yes, the eyes say it all.

Call it a stare, or, a gaze,
A peep into the everyday maze;
A silent caress, stirring the soul,
Tantalisingly, arouses your whole!
Jealousy, hatred, or, desire,
Or, passions running into fire,
A vast vision of ambitions tall,
Yes, the eyes it all.

Angry- they blaze;
Pensive- a distant gaze;
Inquisitive- a roving eye;
Blushing and falling, when shy;
Unconcerned- a casual glance;
Unmoved- a stoic stance;
An evil eye feared by all,
Yes, the eyes say it all.


a poem by Mahendra

Painted lips
swaying hips
to and fro
plucked brow

dangling bangles
high heel sandles
sideways glance
to grab a chance

raven dandy
pretending trendy
in red gown
look like a candy.

The Child and the Childmaster

a poem by Mahendra

The modern steel chariots unloaded packs of them
On the paved street; A motley crowd of four generations
Unwound from their stuffed air-conditioned cars;
Flaunting their pelf, pride wealth, youth and mirth
The young and old marched in tandem
To catch the vast sea with its timeless roaring waves.

The distant sea appeared tranquil and calm,
The inviting beach soft and coarse;
The tireless vendors shouting aloud their wares and eats
Would not allow a tranquil march to the waves;
The four generation crowd tumbled, screamed and marched on
To meet the perennial call of the eternal waves;
With their hearts lightened and limbs lean as their conscience
The funny little crowd edged on and on.

The darkening skies revived the glorious stars
Dimming and twinkling in perfect rhythm,
Forever witnessing and forgetting man’s agony on man;
Yonder on the beach were crawling thousand vendors
Each peddling his wares to earn his day’s dream.
Miles and miles the impoverished vendor walked
Shouting aloud his wares for a heartless crowd.
Young wives with starry eyes held on to their husbands
As a gasping patient to the last whiff of oxygen.
Many a lover moved around in gay abandon
Thinking of a morrow that could never be theirs;
The well worn dimmed eyes could see the misty froths
Thinking of yesteryear’s loves, dreams and lost visions
That forever remained as a child’s lost balloons.
The tumultuous humanity met its mirthful match
Chasing in unrepentant ecstasy the retreating waves.

Away on the sea were a few lighted houses sailing past
To distant lands; Solemn and majestic, the silent ships
Appeared as shy maidens escaping from their quiet frenzy;
The massive ocean with its myriad creatures heaved and swayed
Revealing nothing except its peaks of cosmic wavelets;
Bare chested men with hairy flat breasts
Squealed in victorious cry each time the dissipated froth
Vanished from their powerful palms; Their strong bulky thighs
Monstrously held in soft caress the retreating waves.

The little master firmly ensconced on the child’s shoulders
Pulsating in the shrill breeze, shrieked in frightful delight;
The mother, father, brother, uncle, aunt, grandfather and all
Ran to meet the waves with laughter loud and screaming
In tuneless joy challenging the mysterious chant of breathless waves,
And dancing wildly on the retreating mystic designs of cosmic waves.
Some fell, some danced, some splashed, all shrieked
As the salty frothy spray smashed their bodies;
With hands entwined, skirts lifted up
Each heart danced in joy with each mystic rhythm.

Away stood the child guarding the childmaster,
Watching the Maruti generations in playful splendour;
Each roar and each laughter threw up a repressed smile
As tired hands firmly clasped the childmaster;
Far from the gentle retreating waves the child stood
Constantly afraid the childmaster’s shriek would invite disaster.
Far from the gentle retreating waves she stood
Straying in thoughts and wandering in gaze,
Clutching the childmaster in unmatched sparkling smile;
With a thundering heart the child watched all the games
Even as the childmaster grew frightened of distant waves;

With a frothy smile, the retreating waves beckoned her,
The whistling evening breeze in solemn embrace twitched her,
Dancing noisy waves and frothy white called her to dance;
With unkempt hair freely fluttering in the breeze,
The child yearned to caress the shifting sands;
Each time the child moved, the childmaster would shriek
Forcing the child to stay fixed as a gazing star;
There stood in stony silence the child with childmaster
Away from the thunderous laughter of her other masters.

The grey melancholic evening shifted in top gear to night,
The Maruti crowds returned home to a night of frenetic rest.
With the childmaster away cocooned in mother’s warmth,
The little child as the waxing lonely moon amidst twinkling stars
Roamed, wandered and danced around the splashing spray
Unmindful of the approaching sun
Heralding yet another destined day serving the childmaster.


a poem by Mahendra

Our footsteps are towards the future,
The future of glory and happiness,
The glory of success,
And happiness and togetherness.

Fruits of success are sweet,
And togetherness creates heaven on earth,
The future is what we have to create,
The strength is of love and faithfulness is what it takes.

The treasure of love is what we seek,
Where care and faithfulness is at its peak,
The treasure which I seek is in your heart,
And the treasure which you seek is in mine.

Let’s seek the treasure,
Let’s make the home of the treasure,
Where only we will seek its pleasure,
For till eternity we’ll be together.

Even after death we’ll be united,
For the soul of our hearts are united,
You’ll be with me and I with you
We’ll always be together.

The destiny bestows its showers,
On those who’re together,
But destiny hides its flowers,
From those who’re not together.

The fruits of destiny never go sour,
As our love and togetherness will always be at par,
God has created us to be together,
To live and together.


a poem by Mahendra

The focal point of all human activity
The strength of the living
The forgotten dreams of the dead

The cause of prosperity
And also of depression
Thus unity in diversity,
The effective weapon of both God and Devil
For growth and annihilation
Creation and destruction
Merging and disintegration

You sharpen the weapon of the cruel autocrats
Thus fathoms the well of sorrow
You strengthen the hands of good doers
Thus fathoms the spring of joy
You make lovely gardens
You also dig graveyards

Thus you are unity in manifold diversity
And as the sages hath said in the past
For us to see the world better,
And for the world to see us better,
MONEY is a must.

Money – Precious Little

a poem by Mahendra

Is there a more powerful word
One so simple, so common,
Yet so threatening
But very often heard.

It is bread to us
And even water now,
For all our worldly needs,
To money we bow.

It’s abundant in one,
Sadly lacking in another,
One can buy a wife
Or trade a mother.

Sell a religion,
Or barter a child,
Buy the moon
Do anything as wild.

Take a life,
Or rule a land,
Pay them off
With money on hand.

Play to win
Or loose to win,
A prey to greed,
Be it a vice or sin.

Until we rule money,
Time will be thus,
As things seem now
It undeniably rules us.

Money and World

a poem by Mahendra

Money was medium of life,
Nobody thought it become as knife;
Such a horrible face it owns,
Still everybody for it mourns;
Hopes are still for world of love,
Still the bird live name dove;
Truth never die law of nature,
Until unless living creature;
Earning and Spending worldly affairs,
All are dirty things and dirty fares;
Still one earn so much money,
We see everybody results of insane;
Money for life don’t reverse,
Otherwise life too get worse;
Satisfied in less or less you satisfied,
Happiness is internal money is outside;
Money can’t bring paradise,
Neither the things nor it gives company,
when death wins.

The Curse

a poem by Mahendra

If you Question
   by becoming rebel,
you will be shot dead
   immediately with bullets.

If you become dull
   and keep cool and mum,
you will be crushed to death
   with heavy budgets!

Money is a tool, not all…

a poem by Mahendra

Times there were when muscle power ruled-
The caveman’s main tool to weild.
An Atlas, a Hercules and an Ulysses
Proudly did parade their prowess.

Then came an age of moral power;
In supreme honour did Pandavas tower.
Lord Krishna’s scriptures paved us the way
And in personal grandeur Lord Rama did sway.

Now reigns an era of money power-
Seen, felt, heard and sensed every hour;
An urge, a goal, a craze, a quest-
The very pulse and throb of human breast.

Money speaks- everywhere- with emphasis:
A magic key to open all doors, it is.
Admissions to schools and colleges are easy
When approached from the rear with sums hefty.

Petitions and applications of loyal citizens
Glide through the red tape with right lubrication.
You wish and it is done
When the packet to the party has gone.

Money manipulates marriages nowadays
Since grooms stalk with price tags-
Girls sweat in lewd office glare
The parents in penury the rest share.

The spirit and thrill of sports is forgotten
Because match-fixers have made the players rotten.
Horse-trading is the stamp of politics everywhere;
Bulls and bears in stocks do not play fair.

None works for honest fare;
Norms and ethics are nobody’s care.
Every service demands you to tip,
The world’s in corruption’s grip.

Money is the pivot on which life now turns-
In the rat race all values it churns.
“Do or die” is the cut-throat competition-
Material comforts are the first consideration.

Money can make many things;
Money cannot buy many things-
A soft pillow, but not a sweet slumber;
A huge palace, but not a warm home.

Chase money with might and force-
Lose many simple joys in the course.
Desist the mad pursuit of riches,
Beware of money’s cruel clutches.

Money is a tool, not all;
A path, not a goal;
Put mercy first and money next;
Live and let live, content is best.

About The Money

a poem by Mahendra

‘There is no money in poetry
There is not much poetry on money either’

Won the rich man was unhappy for my verse,
who’s huge, accounts sometimes envious my purse.

‘Why you cannot write simple prose
and spare the moon and rose.’

Me responded-
Why not demand rivers not flow,
rose not blossom, sun not glow.

Feel not the music stream brings,
and a poet to you when wind rings.

Diamonds, palaces a large army you own
what you say- I asked businessman Won?
About soldiers dying for Nation.
‘They earned me peace at night.’

Why peace? Is that money cannot do?
What happened few days back,
you were wounded by the lose of lakhs?

The poet sang as philosophers and thinkers
for the mind you loose
enabled you for the right and wrong you choose.

Your money, my dear, is still to discover,
pain diseases and death, yet to cover.

A crimson kiss to beloved you miss,
frenzied accounts to banks to visits.

Your eyes see strand metallic silvery,
I am delighted at sea shores shell delivery.

The endless verses astounded rich Won
‘I understand – What to Long!’