Poems by Madhavi S J

On the edge of the Sand

a poem by Madhavi S J

On the edge of the sand
where the land meets the sea,
Amid the stillness of the dawn
I hear a wave break near me.

As the drops turn to white foam
and recede back into the deep,
All I have of that moment
Is a picture in my mind to keep.

As long as I remember it
And cherish it for what it is,
I am one with the universe
And in harmony with all that’s His.

And as I walk down the beach
Knowing that I am guided by His hand,
Little do I realize it was that same wave
That wiped my footprints from the sand.

At Heaven’s Gate

a poem by Madhavi S J

Goodbye friend for eternity,
I didn’t know you were gone.
The memories fade as the days pass by-
as each dark night turns to morn.
So, why do I think of you now,
so sadly and feeling so alone?
Why do I try so hard to recall
The memories so clearly etched in stone?
Why do I keep the feelings locked
and bolted shut from within?
Why do I want to keep the memories sacred
and untouched by the mad worldly din?
Why does your memory eat up from inside
and choke me through and through?
And why isn’t the flash of your smile
enough to turn my grey skies blue?
What happened to that bond we shared?
What broke that special tie?
It broke when you left, my friend,
You didn’t turn and say goodbye.
Forgive me my friend for being selfish
I didn’t know what happened to you.
But from you I demand a farewell,
I know, to me, a farewell was rightly due.
I don’t know when I’ll see you next
Or if it will be too late.
But I have a feeling that when I’m there,
You’ll be standing at heaven’s gate.

A Prayer

a poem by Madhavi S J

Is God really out there
In heaven up above?
If not; then who my friend
has shown you true love?
In all those times when you were beat,
All the times when you were out,
When you walked the difficult path-
Your heart heavy; in your mind a doubt.
When you journeyed the impossible,
and met life head-on,
And suddenly out of the darkness
broke out the beauty of a new morn.
In doubt, now you had hope
To live life- each moment, each day.
Because you knew there was force
to walk with you every step of the way.
Is His travel that we all go through,
And we are all led by that guiding hand
who is there with us no matter what
And I know it is alone that I will never stand
By me- always and forever
Every cobble of the way,
God will move the universe for me
and make possible each day.

To my friends

a poem by Madhavi S J

When a chapter is closed,
When a book ends,
When with life you move on
And leave behind your friends,
What do you do?
Look up at the sky so blue,
See the ocean so deep,
And realise-
In this vast expanse of life,
All is not lost-
You have your friendship to keep.
Treasure it, cherish it,
Live it, and savour every bit.
‘Cause in the lonesome nights
When cold winds blow,
You will often draw comfort
From someone you know.
Was it karma or was it fate
That brought you together?
What was that little something
That made you friends forever?
What saw you through laughter
And saw you through the tears?
What supported you in your sorrow
And shared your joyous cheer?
I don’t know what it was…
And neither do you.
But it was a friend’s presence
That turned my grey skies blue.
Thank you, friend
For being there for me.
Your existence in my life
Is cherished for eternity.
Know that you are loved
And your presence lives on,
And our friendship will be strong as ever
long after we are gone.
It is this world we will leave.
And a legacy we’ll leave behind.
For now, this priceless treasure
Is guarded jealously in our minds.

Moments Forever

a poem by Madhavi S J

When a flower blooms,
when a wave breaks,
when the morn comes,
when the winds blow,
when a bird sings,
when on steep mountaintops
you see the silver snow,
when in the depths of the oceans
you see glorious life,
when in the middle of the night
you see a beautiful dream,
and running through the woods
you see a little stream,
when in the morn on the blades of grass
you see the gem like dewdrops
glittering in the mist,
when you see a rainbow
vivid against the blue skies,
bringing joy and cheer
to a gloomy monsoon day;
you stand and pause
to capture the moment,
precious, by what you see;
a treasure that will be cherished forever,
an image of that vision in that second,
a thousand words captured in that moment,
an evergreen memory that’s always alive,
a value in life that you have experienced,
a golden feeling given to you by nature,
an inexplicable joy that you had found,
and resolved to remember for eternity.
Then you pause and you realise
the force of nature.
Minute beauties put together,
sequential events that occur,
must be there for a reason,
and that’s why you had that precious moment.
And you bow down to the almighty creator,
on your lips a silent word of thanks,
in your heart an unsaid gratitude,
and in your mind a memory forever.


a poem by Madhavi S J

Solitude – A place where I want to be
Surrounded by the elements of nature
The earth, the water, the sun, the sky
fill me with this flaming desire-to be.
To be, to make my life a life
and not merely exist.
And here I have found a paradise.
A paradise for me alone
where my solitary existence
turns into a life.
A life I would love to live for.
A paradise where my ideas take form,
A paradise
where the umbrella of solitude protects me
and I am grateful for it.

A Place for Me

a poem by Madhavi S J

As my eyes wander over God’s creation,
the coming together of land, water and sky,
I stop and think- why can’t I be a part of it?
So far from it, yet so close to it,
so different, yet so similar to it,
I want to be part of it.
Break away from it all, yet stick to the rules
I want to follow it.
I may be confined, but my thoughts are not.
The land, air and water here
create an atmosphere of my own.
One I share with nothing and nobody.
Nothing except the music of clear water flowing, the birds singing,
the darkness of the night,
the spectacular morning,
when the sun emerges from the waterfall,
and its golden rays bathe my atmosphere
in a unique magic.
A magic I love.
I want to be part of it.
I will.
And I will be recognised.