Poems by Madhav Mohan

The flow of fury

a poem by Madhav Mohan

In eons of time, thy land has watched
From reptile to bird to human
Thy latter crowns himself king, conquering all
From beast to burden, from sky to night
Virtous and wise, he, the ultimate carnival
He destroys, exploits, and laughs at the hapless world
Arrogant as he, his laugh reaches the sleeping antimatter
Woken rudely, those who woke It, will not be woken
Manifests itself with thunderous applause
Dividing earth, and wielding the ocean
Ocean, beaten to shyness, but now got its gaul
To torment one who had tormented it for too long
It hurtles through the starry night, and when the sun peeps in
Its fuel powered by force, its wrath with ferocity
Crashes onto manmade barrier, catching humans unawares
Crying for unheard helps, running for every last breath
It gobbles, and swallows every, lashes and beats many
Extending its boundaries inch by inch, killing is a sinch
Its titanic frame engulfing the shelters, threatening
And executing death with effortless ease
Human life strewn like skittles, toyed with, bounced around
For every animal he shot, every bird he ate
Every resource plundered, freedom encroached
For every wail of motherearth, they got what they did
After moments of pain and fury, decided to call it a day
It left with a pall of silence and gloom
Human kind brought to their knees, the massacre was over
no gender, no caste, no religion, just surrender
To nature’s weaponry, the terror of the tide
Only left in their watery defeat… was their tears
The ocean, resuming its calm, the fury disappearing
The sleeping giant pastes the earth once again
And goes back to sleep, with one eye open

The Two Cries

a poem by Madhav Mohan

In the dawn of morn, there rose,
Two cries, which broke the morning blues,
The First erupt with a hum of a drum,
The second with the will of an empty stomach,
Both, erupted into the sea of early traffic,
The First was music not to dance,
The second was speech not to fall asleep,
The first started with much ado,
The second, resilient to announce with credo,
The first to idol, the second to the sky line,
Both begin at a time, and end at a rhyme,
Careful to outdo the other, the First sings
with fervour, of Lord, and his immanence,
the second, not challenged, starts like a war cry,
And chants the verses with wails and trumpets,
The first, makes pitch grow, and kills the hum of the birds,
The second, screams the Almighty’s Name,
reaching every, waking man and dame,
The first, undeterred, reaches for his drum,
and begins a noise only to make human run,
The second calls the forgiveness by a microphone,
his sound echoing through sleeping ghosts,
The first praises the lord, and cajoles Him,
the second calls out to the lord, and pleads Him.
Both, devoted to the Maker, but causes
Worry and distress in the world, when they cross,
Both, like in physique, same with two hands,two legs,
both from different faith, different grounds, sing or shout the same,
They have tortured India, this thought to rue,
As their voice ebbs down in the sunlight,
the next day, the same would continue.

Dusky Rose

a poem by Madhav Mohan

As time moved on, the good grew scarce,
Old leaves crumbled, flowers vanished,
Then the clouds gave way to let it pass,
Its creation entered with rainshower,
A dusky seed sprout forth from the soil
A seed, not a miracle, not a messenger
But she was taken away in a gust of wind.
To a budding land known for Red Indians
And beauty and fame in sand,
But she grew slowly, grew tentative,
Not forgetting her origin.
Her weapons, smile,warmth, and wit,
Beautified her Kerala with art and dance
In an unknown land.
She was the colour of dark red, with love
Her heart fed, her kindly laugh shadowing,
All expression, showed her mind.
Withstood, sun and storm, agony and joy,
And at last she blossomed, into, a healing rose
Which lent her hand to all.
Her bloom reached all, even heard in her true home
Her kerala, so faraway, and though happy nation,
Kerala broke into tears and touched her heart,
She knew she lost her twilight of joy, long ago
But she visited her daughter day and night,
Wherever she was, never forgetting,
The dusky rose from Kerala.