Poems by Mac

Roses of Desert

a poem by Mac

Far away in the desert,
With a heart of desire,
With dreams in his eyes,
Far away from his land he lives, all alone.

He lives in the unbearable heat and cold,
And sacrificing his happiness and joys in life but,
Smiling at people and dreaming of a tomorrow,
With a smile in his child’s face.

They live for the family,
They live for their loved ones,
They are the roses of desert,
That never fades.

The truth of Life

a poem by Mac

“A wise man by wisdom,
and a fool by experience”
This is what the truth of all
Truth of a life, a lifetime.

We all know the truth,
we all know the pain,
the pain that let you know…
What love is all about.

The truth is always blind
or is it the lovers,
who don’t see the truth,
as they look themself wise.

See the truth, see the world,
And believe, you are not always wise.


a poem by Mac

Live each day as if it were your last day on earth…
And love as if it were your first day in Heaven!

I read this quote just a little while ago…
I don’t really know why but it got to me…
I don’t do either of these things.

I have never once just lived life for the moment,
cause I was too worried about what might happen next.
Does it really matter what happens next?

I’ve spent, seemingly every day of my life living for tomorrow.
Planning for the future.
Part of the future that I planned for long ago
is now here and it is nothing like what I planned.

So, I now ask myself what was the point?
I never learned how to have fun…
I was too worried about tomorrow.
What if there is no tomorrow?
We are not guaranteed a tomorrow… not ever…
Tomorrow may never come,
and then I will have wasted my todays…

Love like it is your first day of heaven…
Kinda like love like its never gonna hurt…
I’ve said this to so many people before.
People that just needed to pick up the pieces and move on.
Like I do now… The past doesn’t matter…
It is behind you.
Learn from your mistakes,
don’t let yourself get trampled on as before…
I used to believe in true love.

Lately, I’ve just thought that it does not exist…
But upon deeper thinking I realize that it does…
Maybe the perfect romance does not exist…
but true love does.

It exists between a dog and a little boy,
between a little boy and his mom,
between his mom and her closest friends.

So here’s to all of my closest friends…
the ones that have stood by me thru’ confusing times.
That supported me in my decisions.
That gave me a shoulder to cry on.
The ones that are there for me…

I hope you never walk out of my life…
but if there comes a time when that happens.
I will forever cherish our friendship.

So… to all the wasted yesterdays…
the wasted todays…
and the too well planned tomorrows.
May we never waste another day on earth.

I love you all… so…

Live each day, as if it were your last day on earth…
And love as if it were your first day in heaven!