Poems by Maaluvica


a poem by Maaluvica

Ubiquitous, joyous and soothing are hues,
Green, red and then there are the blues,

In our lives when they are sprinkled,
Our eyes behold them in all their splendour
And all the mind can do is wonder
Why are there so many of their order
When all they are is nothing but color

All the different hues unite in our being
To lend to us a whole new meaning

It is for each of us to know
What the hues inside us show

So, ponder on the hues within
And be dazzled not by those without

For the union of all the hues gives us but one color
And that is Black, dear reader!

A special day

a poem by Maaluvica

Birthdays are like pitstops

You reflect on the times you left behind
Till a smile curves your lips
You look ahead to greener pastures
Till hope glimmers in your eyes

All those who love you then make your day
With their wishes, messages or just a hey
And then at the end of the day
You are off on your way

On the rest of your journey called Life

Without you

a poem by Maaluvica

Without you, nothing’s the same

The sunlight seems dull
In the wind there is a lull

Birds don’t chirp
Babies don’t burp

Buds don’t bloom
Meteors don’t zoom

My mind can think of nothing else but you
Please come back as soon as you are through

For without you, nothing’s the same