Poems by Linish N


a poem by Linish N

As usual on an evening walk
With my pet to a small park
I saw a girl aged eight
Crying, for nothing she ate.

She saw me and gave a pleasant smile
I was touched by the heart for a while
Seeing how she hid her pains
Within her like great saints

Feeling pity on her torn clothes
And her scattered hairs
I marched towards her slowly
And sat beside her painfully

Suddenly a woman appeared and gave her some leftovers
Which she took with simple smile and great honors
She ate a little happily and the rest was take to her family

Of course! This is the truth of country
Which is nearing its sixtieth year of Independence.

Saw you

a poem by Linish N

For the first time I saw you, I never cared
Later I realized, you are the one to be loved

I thought Love was just an expensive game
But you made me to think about it once again

I was against Love from the beginning
With you I came to know its true feeling

You sowed my heart with Love
For which before you, I bow
You showed me the happiness filled in Love
By which my worries had to move

You are very bold yet so simple
You are very beautiful yet no pride
You are in my soul and in every part
Now please, do not hurt this heart.


a poem by Linish N

Wake up! It’s Morn
A new day is born
Look at the dews on the leaves
Glittering as bright as pearls.

It is pleasant to go for a morning Jog
Over the hills covered with fog
The buds blossom into flowers
Creating a scenic beauty to nature lovers

Hear the winds whistle
And the leaves rustle
The cheeping of the birds
In search of their breads

As the Sunlight brightens
The daily life style tightens
It is pollution everywhere
With fresh Air nowhere

With Buses, Lorries, Cars and Industry
For our futures, we have only sorries
Look at the world it was
And the world it is

The gap is as land and sky
Which would never meet by
But come lets save out Nature
Starting from a new horizon.


a poem by Linish N

Oh! My dear, you please hear
Don’t you fear and come very near
Into my heart and my soul
For it is not at all a Foul

If it is car, you need, Sorry I can’t buy one
If it is money, you want, I can earn more than some
Whatever you ask for, I am ready to give
But what I want in deed is your Love and you and only you.

Remember Love is not a Toy
Which Bill gates can buy.
For it is a beautiful art
Which cannot be bought

Either by promising Sedan Cars
Or by spending American Dollars.


a poem by Linish N

My Love,
Your smile is the presence, presence of fragrance in the air I breathe
Your touch is the feeling, feeling of closeness with which my heart blossoms
Your speech is the rhythm, rhythm of Love with which my mind refreshens
Your beauty is a wonder, wonder of the world with which my soul brightens

I penned you down with my simple words beautifully
So as to say the whole world that
I have pinned you up in my heart faithfully.

Time Flies

a poem by Linish N

Hey! Wind could you please stop blowing
Hey! Cloud could you please stop showering
When I am sitting with my beloved darling

Hey! Time could you please stop ticking
Hey! Earth could you please stop moving
When I am spending time with my beautiful darling

Hey! Birds could you please start singing
Hey! Buds could you please start flowering
When I am chatting with my cute little darling

Hey! Moon could you please start shining
Hey! Stars could you please start twinkling
When I am looking into the eyes of my beloved darling

Hey! Wake up Its already morning
Ohh!! GOD, Was I just dreaming

A – Z

a poem by Linish N

At first I looked at her awkwardly
Next I started to love her blindly
I asked my heart to take it coolly
But seeing her and her beauty daily
My heart got charged, but not electrically

I never considered my Love as Folly
And tried to approach her gently
My Love for her is Holy
And I want her to be mine ideally

These are not words of jolly
As I have studied her keenly
And found her to be lovely

Her smile as what attracted me mainly
And never has she acted nastily
I want her to be, my one and only
Any my feelings are purely
Dedicated to her quietly
Girls like her are found rarely
That’s why I am moving slowly
Into her heart and soul truthfully
To live with her unitedly
In a wonderland spread vastly

With her heart opened for me widely
I knew what was Love exactly
So I celebrate this day yearly
By bursting crackers zoomingly

Me and You

a poem by Linish N

You are the SUN and I am your beloved horizon
At Noon, How far you are I cannot imagine

For every clock tick I know you are coming close to me
The last second when you will be
Entirely mine, the world will see

At dusk as you set down the horizon slowly
It’s me capturing you in my heart faithfully

When the whole world knows everything
Why is it you are not understanding

Happy Birthday

a poem by Linish N

In the silence of the night,
When you sleep in peace,
I wish you Happy Birthday before
The first ray of the dawn could greet.

To the Lord I have to thank
For this day, as you were born
This sweet moment of your birth
Is now the heart beat of my life.

My Love and Me

a poem by Linish N

Slowly she walked over the meadow
Following her, was her own shadow
The dews spread over the green sheet
With chill, kissed her bare feet.

Gone was the night which was long
The birds greeted the Sun with a song
The flowers bloomed to mark the day
And filled fragrance in her way.

The Sun started to smile bright
Melting the dews of the night
She jumped and moved with fun
Feeling the warmth of the Sun.

Her days passes with pleasant
Filled with nature’s present
Rich she is, with love in heart
And lucky ‘m I with her love for me.

Love for me

a poem by Linish N

Slowly she walked over the meadow
Following her, was her own shadow
The dew spread over the green sheet
And with chill, kissed her bare feet.

Gone was the night which was long
The birds greeted the SUN with a song
The flowers bloomed to mark the day
And filled fragrance in her way.

The SUN started to smile bright
Melting the dews of the night
She jumped and moved with fun
Feeling the warmth of the SUN.

Her days passes with pleasant
Filled with Nature’s Present
Rich she is, with love in heart
And lucky ‘m I with her LOVE for me.


a poem by Linish N

Lightning rushed fast through the sky
the thunder followed giving a loud cry
suddenly the clouds started to shower
and hurriedly everyone ran for shelter.

But happily she ran out of the Door
looked at the vast sky, upward
and stretched her bare hands forward
to thank the heavens for the down-pour.

The cold wind pricked her body nastily
her hairs danced to the wind’s tune wildly
she played and sang in the rain joyfully
as if held in her dear’s arms tightly.

Before she felt the thrills in her vein
without expecting it stopped to rain
looking up she filled her eyes with pain
and pleaded, Hey! rain come again.

Water slid along her wet hairs and dripped
The joy filled smile on her face slowly faded
And was completely lost in the wind that blew
Then the clouds cleared and the bright sun appeared.

The sky was blessed with the seven colours of Rainbow
which smiled at her and said if your worries had to go,
Love the one who is wanting you as a Love
than the one whom forever you want as a Love.

With confusion, she looked at the ground below
where the Sun’s rays had carved her own Shadow.


a poem by Linish N

On this special day called Valentine
I open this little heart of mine
To say, you are not only my Valentine
but, My Love, you are my Life-Line.

I was bound by family and friends
with not much dreams and desires
but a desire for you,
arouse, after I knew you.

You have captured my thoughts
without any doubts
what more should I say,
into your heart, to make way.

A feeling of love and oneness arouse,
because of you, in my heart and nerves.
With you in my heart for my Life-Time
Everyday will pass by like a Valentine.

You and just you

a poem by Linish N

Walking all alone, along the sea shore
The cool breeze brushing your smooth hair,
The giggling waves washing your soft feet
And up above was spread a dark sheet.

Every step you placed on the sand carefully,
Was backed by the music of your anklets perfectly
All the stars were twinkling bright,
To brighten your path with their light.

Than the deep blue sea spread vastly,
More attractive was your beauty
The air was filled with fragrance
To ensure your silent presence.

The cloud moved with the wind and made ways
So as the Moon could have your glimpse
Eagerly he has to wait every time, a new
Cloud passes, by blocking his view.

Like the Moon which seems to be very near
I would always silently admire
You, your poems and only you, my DEAR


a poem by Linish N

Never do fall in LOVE my dear friends,
As it is full of Dead-Ends.

This 4 lettered word is fun for some,
to break lots of hearts one by one.

Never fall into this kind of a cute Trap,
As your life would be utter scrap.

Better than LOVE, is that innocent hatred,
Where you can know the once who betrayed.