Poems by Leleena Subhadarshini

So called independence

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Today only I met this woman
wearing a broad specs blinking
her eyes underneath that says
many things, words those left unspoken
carrying a volcano inside her
still suppressing it as she knows
once it bursts out it’ll just burn
everything into grey matter
pretending to be contend
she describes herself as cool, calm,
quite understanding though
situations are against her
yet she’s not complaining,
willing to take all burdens of
her better half bearing all
his egos, his temperament
a typical Indian wife
but is it really necessary
that always a woman should
understand, adjust, sacrifice,
forgetting her identity, her desires,
her freedom
just to prove that she belongs
to a country of values, ethics
which is still imprisoned
with fake morals, traditions
even after 57 years of
so called independence!


a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Tears my best pals so far
whenever I feel sad
whenever I feel lonely
they came to me to share
moments of tenderness
caring for me being unconditional.
I love them as they are for me only
I don’t know where are they
hiding in the corner of my tiny eyes
hiding themselves
from the hustle bustle of surrounding
But they are mine only I know
coz they’ve got a special affinity for me
they make me feel they’re with me
all the time even if I ignore them
they do care for me I know.
Whenever I feel low
they just brighten me
with their loving touches
wetting my cheeks
washing all the darkness
brightening my face
to prepare for a new day again!

Dreamz Unlimited

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

I dream of a place that’s not thorny
like the deserts of Sahara
where I can be my self
without masks, false smiles
just pure the real me
breathing fresh air
that’s not poisonous.

I dream of a time
where everything seems stand still
not slipping out of my palms
that’s been close hard trying desperately
to get hold of glimpses of memories.

I dream of dreams that I’ve seen so far
fulfilling dreams of my loved ones
that craves a smile on their face
I want it to be there always.

I dream of a life that’s not worthless
I can say living for people in need
to wipe out their tears to brighten their faces
a little effort from my side
enlighten my soul.
I dream another world where
there will be no pollution
no virus, no drugs, no bullshit politics,
no hassles, no tears, no pains.

Suddenly I wake up with the flash that
comes across my windows the bright
morning sun promising to be there
always with red horizons assuring me
with the hope of all my dreams
will come true, will come real, one day at least!

I believe

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

As you walked away from my
life breaking the sphere of
my tiny world…
suddenly I feel I lost myself
in the darkness of loneliness,
wandering, no one to lean on
wallowing in self pity
in a state of bewilderment
standing alone in the smoky fog
being frozen obscured by the dark blur
I feel I’m habituated to it
I can’t be myself any more
as I’m surrounded by layers of sorrow
going tough to melt
But somewhere unknowingly
I can smell the taste of freedom
released from all burdens
recovered from all pain
I gather my strength to fly
And I believe I can fly
coz I don’t need you any more
No, I don’t need you any more.

Seasonal Thoughts

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Today when I stepped
outside my door
after so many days…
weather seems to be numb
cold breezes blowing by
and thoughts of you
came as they drizzled me
like the first shower
that comes after days
waiting of harsh
summer evenings,
as seasons change by
I keep craving for you…
like the crazy owl
that sits on the
branches of the
decade old banyan tree
that stood apart
at the chowk of my galli.


a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

I know he’ll not come to me
still I anticipate him to come
to hold my hand, to make me feel
his existence besides me…
what a foolish thought!
I must deride on myself
whole heartedly,
may be tears will jerk
out of my eyes
coz since so many days
it’s been dried in the
region of eyes that set
on my face open and blank,
longing for his comeback…

My Graveyard

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Here laying in my graveyard
listening the footnotes
of passers by,
sobbing, murmuring around
presuming its you
whenever one crosses me,
as the day dawns
I keep craving for you…
momently gazing mirages
under sunshine
till the stars winkle,
up above me in the darkness
making my existence mundane.
Each day passes by
I’m still waiting
for the trice,
when you will come
holding a red rose in your hand,
remembrance of our love
tears jerking from your eyes,
that makes me wet and wet…
till my thirst
gets satisfied,
making my presence
worth among the rest!


a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Everybody on this earth
seems a lil’bit restless,
a lil’bit of insanity
surrounds everybody,
some craziness winking inside
yet every one wants to show
he’s normal confuting others
knowing inside he’s making
fool of himself only,
being a wing of this contaminated society around.

A society that’s full of
pollution, virus, and drugs,
a society that’s oozing
bullshit politics, scams and scandals,
a society that’s dilapidated
with pains and poverty,
a society where moral values, ethics
and truth are
mere words only,
a society where Gandhi and Buddha
have become few names only,
a society that’s going under
decadence gradually

Yet people are habituated to it,
to be one of the,
rather so called responsible creature,
even if they know that
the whole system is handicapped,
yet they don’t want to come
out of the sick atmosphere,
as every body is busy
in search of a grand fake mask,
to cover up all the hypocrisy
loosing their sense of decorum.