Poems by Lavanya Mouli

What you mean to me

a poem by Lavanya Mouli

Though life is like a ship,
With lots of fantasies and adventures ahead of it,
Cruising alone in it wouldn’t be fun,
‘Cause without you
Would only make it a worthless and meaningless
Empty vessel.

Wishing it’d come true

a poem by Lavanya Mouli

I sat wondering last night,
What life held for me to fight for
The shining stars, the lovely moon,
They gave me the hope that I had almost lost.
I felt like a child being lifted up,
And carried into the arms of the sky
Comforting me, and whispering to me,
The everlasting beauty of life.

Cuddling up into its sweet embrace,
I felt the corner of my lips curve into a smile.

For a moment, the sadness within me vanished into thin air,
And I played along enjoying the sweetness
And luxury I was surrounded with.
But soon, it returned making me wonder
How I’d go through this pain.

I prayed to the stars,
I prayed to the moon,
And everything else around me
To help me,
To save me,
From this treacherous pain.

I whispered a prayer to help me make
My dreams come true.
And I realized only then,
That I still had a spark of hope somewhere deep within me.

I closed my eyes and wished again!
‘Let this hope never die and help me achieve the impossible’.

You mean the MOST to me in my Life!

a poem by Lavanya Mouli

I never once believed that it was possible to fall in love!
Until the day I met you…
Love at first sight seemed too unreal to accept,
but I just couldn’t help myself.
When I met you for the first time,
I doubted even a friendly relationship,
‘Coz you seemed too shy even to talk
But later I realized the beauty of your silence.
I felt so comfortable when I was around you,
And didn’t realize until now that I had
fallen in love with you!
My heart did a little skip every time you smiled at me,
I felt so special whenever you appreciated me for my achievements,
be it small or big.
I love you for the way you are and
I hope that you never change yourself for anything in this world!
It is said that:
It is easier to fall in love with someone than to forget that someone!
I know I have fallen in love with you!
And it will take me forever to forget you.
I see you in my dreams,
I see you in my life,
I see you in everything that I perceive.
And if I were given one wish to make,
Then I would choose never ever to lose
this wonderful feeling of being in love with you!

And my heart makes me feel this as always!
A smile, a look or a gentle word said by you
makes me fall in love with you all over again.
Maybe I haven’t told you this often,
but I have grown to love you more each day.