Poems by Lakshmi R K

Diamonds are Forever

a poem by Lakshmi R K

Diamond, you are for ever a weakness,
(relationships are not!)
Burning desire of every lass or princess,
Muse at your sight,
Will my man with his might,
Capture my heart,with one so bright?
Glowing by the dawn or night,
Make redundant every fight.
Clinging to it ever so tight,
Oh! the incandesence blinds alright!
Diamond you are forever a weakness.

Future Win

a poem by Lakshmi R K

A game won before it’s played,
Calculated to perfection.
‘This toss is not a loss,
Losing to win is the motto of spin.’
The bat buckles, the ball blunders,
And, the bucks roll in.
Is this sanity of sin?
Tainted glory caught off nets
The fraternity of players frets!
All’s fair in loss or win?

One more Day

a poem by Lakshmi R K

Beneath the quilt,
She wilts,
Wrinkled tips twirl the rosary,
Her only movement in life.
Eyes flutter in a daze,
The world now a haze.
Vision extinct, Sounds indistinct,
Waits in motionless mortality,
Of ageless and timeless space.

The African parrot,
With the tarot, shrieks,
‘One more day’,
Gentle subconscious, smiling,
First time in years,
Unwinds as the end nears.

Somewhere in the vast distance of time,
New life glimpses emerge.

Spring of Easter

a poem by Lakshmi R K

Eternal life with its transient expressions,
sheds autumnal leaves of,
disharmony, dissent, disquiet.
then heralds the spring of easter
blossoming new beginnings,
of forgiving and giving.

Crucified ego of mankind
releases the burden of,
I, me, myself
and from this day asunder
lives in humble surrender.