Poems by Lahari Chatterji

One and All

a poem by Lahari Chatterji

They snatched our dear ones
Killed some in body
Murdered minds of some
Shall we kill them all?

The rose washed infant
Who smiles to our hearts
The many women
And men, peace loving
Striving to lead lives
Decently like us
They follow that faith
Will kill them for that?

Let crescent moon be coconut
Coat’s slice for ‘dhunuchi’ embers
Or burning oil filled clay diya,
Shoeflower for Goddess Kali
Be five cornered star at Eid night.
Straight we stand, arms outstretched for all
Lets be the cross on a church wall.

Island on Mountain River

a poem by Lahari Chatterji

Looming mountains play with sight
River comes, divides in two
To seek two ways, an island
Triangle at the parting-
Long necked, long legged raised winged bird.
No further can see these eyes.

Wish to immerse in currents
While racing around the green
Matted piece of calm flat land
At moment same, wish to see
Beyond these slopes flowing lives.

All Ears

a poem by Lahari Chatterji

An elephant’s grey ears
Two triangles in one-
A peak and its image
Serrated in water.

Shade in open expanse,
Tilting head, twitching ears
Who dare offend his mood?