Poems by Kumar Iyer


a poem by Kumar Iyer

Money is just paper
It creates a lot of pauper

People call it currency
It changes Human tendency

Everyone is intoxicated
Keeps all of them fascinated

If anyone does not have it
He is totally incapacitated

It creates problems in Matrimony
As everyone eyes only on Economy

All of them want to have a fund
Now that’s the latest trend

Its important to save
You need it until you go to grave


a poem by Kumar Iyer

Its now summer
Time to call the plumber

May be we have to dig a Bore
Else the problem will come to the fore

Water at this level is not tasty
Only too much Salty

For drinking, we buy mineral water
They make money as it gets hotter

Doctors make a lot of money
Patients are now in plenty

All the fittings gets rusted
There is nothing that can be trusted

Government hires Tankers
Makes pedestrians goes bonkers

Administration is now in haste
Leaving a trial of waste

Citizens should understand water should be saved
Else future will be grave.