Poems by KumarOfBharat


a poem by KumarOfBharat

The world is in position
where all tears will be mixed with uranium
And the last tear will fall in its garbage
I wonder
How the place will be, like in overseas
(Everyone says it)
Or will there be overseas
Nothing but a boat to reach every part
See, find, all in one just as sky, shaken.

Ode to Mayawati

a poem by KumarOfBharat

You are the great emblem of might
Standing alone with boldness
The idol of progress and dignity
A life that is not simple in any way
You earnest for promising new modes
‘Tis not your famed character
‘Tis not your glory
But the eternal things that you gave us
Made me sing this song
Fade and perdition is not your character
The sun and moon comes
And the stars shine
So you are to shine forever
You belong to the world of victory
Lose is not your fate
So great is your faith
That made us live in struggle
So great your decisions
That made us see the ways
So great your works
That made us win the world
Giving away all the glamour
You are struggling for the millions
You are the the child of god
You are the lady greatest
Your place is eternal.