Poems by Kuljot Tanda

War Victory or Victim

a poem by Kuljot Tanda

Closed arm arrive while birth
Open stretched arm we depart while death
Hundreds die by war from each country
Countless get injured from both the sides

People feel happy in opponents death
Unknowing the fact that death is death
We not only lost their life, their soul
But their health, education, courage and all

Without using their sound body for the country
We’ve lost their education with I.Q and memory
We couldn’t use their courage and ability
We didn’t use their broad-minded capability

Should the head with excess wisdom
Be broken into tiny pieces
Should the healthy stamina body
be fired upon by the neighbor country

Should the bold courageous chest
To all the pistol to pass through
Should the loving affectionate son die sympathetically
Should the justice and honest man be killed unjustly
Are we contented with their heroic sacrifice?

Or do we regret for the destructive edifice?

That finance can be utilized for the maintenance of prosperity.

Holiday for Leader’s Demise

a poem by Kuljot Tanda

How many of us work sincerely and regularly?
How many of us work punctually methodically
How many of us work selflessly without seeing the time
How many of us work out pay for the country

How many of us damage public property
To show our vengeance and revenge
How many of us give out work to others
In the name of on duty

How many of us go for a holiday
On a leader’s demise
Is it not our duty to work double?
To compensate the leader’s loss

If all of us go for a holiday
If all of us go for less work
If we damage public property
If we give our work to others

How can the country flourish
How can we see our country grow and cherish?
How can the people be prosperous
How can the public be happy

Join all our rivers

a poem by Kuljot Tanda

Why should we drive all water?
To the useless sea in three quarter
Why don’t we channelise our precious liquid
To the water scarcity yearned land

Let all people live in prosperity
Let them enjoy the life merrily
Let’s join all the rivers
Supply water to all deserts

The money which we spent unnecessarily
On election, cricket ground levelling
Defence, Veerappan’s arms and weapons
Can be used to join Kavery and Ganga

Rivers from east to west
Join together in its best
Water from north to south
Join to flourish in India

Unemployment problem could be solved
Only when the land is fertile
Poverty, beggary could be overtaken
Together let’s make fertile, clean, green India