Poems by Krithika Anand


a poem by Krithika Anand

I spotted two dogs by the roadside
One of them was walking with his master
The other was a street dog, lazily yawning!
The street dog was so small and puny
I could see his skeleton system you see!
The other looked healthy and tall
Looked well-fed, was enjoying that stroll
Inspired by the dog with his master
The street dog wagged his tail at me
And started following my footsteps
Suddenly he saw the other dog and stopped
The healthy dog wanted to ogle at another dog
A bitch, maybe, but his master kept pulling him
By the leash on his neck, did not yield to his whim
He wanted to stop and try eating something
But the master, unmindful of all that, kept going on
Perhaps he had to go home and rush to his workplace!
The street dog seemed to observe this all
He suddenly stopped following my trail
Went back to his favorite spot by the road
And started gazing at the passers by
He seemed to have realized real soon
That his freedom is too heavy a prize to pay
Even for good food and a secure place to stay!


a poem by Krithika Anand

On a beautiful starry night,
I saw a small boy in ragged clothes,
Walking on the pavement, his home,
Kicking a small stone off his way.
He sat down and looked up at the sky,
His face lit up with joy
As he sat there gazing at the moon!
It looked as if his heart had leaped up
Beholding the moon in the sky
But alas! He could neither read nor write
And so could not pen his feelings
To share it with the world!
Is Illiteracy stealing us of the many
Wordsworths, Shellys and Keats we have?