Poems by Krishnakumar P

Ke said I said I

a poem by Krishnakumar P

When I was only a little boy
I asked my dad
only to give me a toy,
as he was to me like God,
and to me, in order to annoy,
this is what he said “look here my little boy,
man in the hands of God
is just a toy.”
And though it was not proper to retort, I only said,
“Keep your philosophy away,
because I am only a little boy.”

I cannot make a Poem

a poem by Krishnakumar P

“I am not born to be a poet, I’m sorry”
This is what you should never say
Just open the window
And look out to hearth wind singing lullaby
To trees and creepers alike
And putting them to sleep.
And look at the rebel bud
Whose green cap flies away
And who bashfully reveals
Her face full of beauty.
And seeing all these miracles
Don’t you change your harsh mind
And think at least for a moment
Of making a poem, O’ mankind?