Poems by Khushi

Summer Season

a poem by Khushi

Summer is a hot season,
Sun shines bright for no reason.
People try to rest at beach,
and before time they will reach.

The days are long and nights are short,
it is hot that people visit abroad.
In this season people are lazy,
which kind of makes me crazy.

I love to make grills,
but there are many bills.
I don’t like to study,
because I have fun with my buddy.

People buy water guns,
and play while chewing bubblegums.
It’s cool having water fights,
because it makes you feel light.

Love swimming in the pool,
of water which is cool.
People try to act cool,
but I think they are fool.

Live this moment

a poem by Khushi

Words that have been unsaid… linker in my heart…
I thought that twinkle in my eyes
A dream that can take your heart away
Let me share it now
We have come to a place
Where we may have a end or a beginning
Lets live this moment together
Let the night flow
Let words be in their place
Let the drops fall from our eyes
Let us live our fears
Fears of loosing or having a future together
Let the waves take us where they want to take us
We know life is in the hands of Destiny
We know if we are for each other
There will be one day where sun will shine like never before
And a day will come with fragrance of flowers in air
And we will be together… in the arms of love…
Love that will keep us alive
Love that will never die
Pure like a drop of due… passionate like a fire
Surrounded by the songs, come from our heart
Where each and every touch speaks
Take me with you, to a world
Where there is only love… you and me
Live this moment… let me be
Let me be your love… let me be your life…
Let me be your dream, let me be your sky
Let me see dreams laying by your side
Let me feel your presence
Inside each and every heart beat of mine
Let me hear you saying “Nidhi you’re mine”
Let this moment go on and on till we close our eyes

New day… New way…

a poem by Khushi

Time never stops it keep on beating…
But for me the time is still now
There is no tomorrow and
I have kept the bad memories aside
Its time to beginning a new story
Its time to make a new start
All that I have said and done, I don’t want to repeat…
I know I will be here with you till my last heart beat

I’m still here…

a poem by Khushi

Words can hardly express, what I’m felling inside
Wind that’s blowing, never been so cold like they are
Heart that beats, never been so silent like today
Some words that come between us
I wonder from where they come
Understanding that had brightened each and every moment
Seems to be faded, in this darkness of misunderstanding
Have you ever seen me so silent
Today I’m, cause I have lost my mind
If you close your eyes once and think
You will find the truth
You will find me where I was
And then there is no-one and no-word that can drift us apart
Cause we have shared something
Where there is no word
There is language of our heart
Where my heart speaks, what’s in your heart

Never let you go

a poem by Khushi

If I could turn the time back
Will move time to the moment
When we were together
The time when there was a clear blue sky
Where each and every dream seemed to be real
Where there was no tomorrow
But a peaceful and present today to live
I silently smile as I know
I cannot hold time can’t go back
Where wind jingles and flower sings
Where each beat of heart sings a song
But deep inside I know
There is no place where I can go
I search my heart and find a truth
You will be here with me where ever I go
I hold you inside the deepest corner of my heart
And I will never ever let you go

My heart

a poem by Khushi

I want to tell you something, but don’t know where to start,
I’m searching for the words that can express what’s inside my heart,
I tried to praise your beauty but don’t know what to write,
I never knew words could be so short when I start to write,
All I want to say, you are my life,
I have never imagined that you would come into my life,
I’m so happy that you are mine,
You have changed my whole world; you have made me what I’m,
You have made me identify myself and made my life so beautiful,
You swept me of my feet like no other,
You are the one I have been waiting for and that I have ever needed.
You as a companion for life ‘I FEEL BLESSED’ Yes I do
God did bless me with everything and more the moment he gave me ‘you’
My love for you is so pure… I can love someone so much I never knew,
My love for you is like the middle of an ocean… so calm and so deep,
With you in my life I have found a purpose which through out was missing,
With you I have found “TRUE LOVE” this is what I really believe,
I’m holding a wish inside my heart, that we will never be apart,
I want to be with you till the end of life,
I wish to wake up every morning to feel the warmth of your lips over mine,
I want to see you in front of my eyes from morning till night.
Deep within I feel that finally the time has come…
Deep within you are already mine.