Poems by Khalid

A Good Deed

a poem by Khalid

I saw a child, wearing clothes dirty with sand
To every passerby, he would stretch his hand,
When rejected by someone, he would again try
With his face swollen and just about to cry.

Thousands like him, are starving in the heat
Just begging around, with nothing to eat.
They get to hear cruel words, as they beg about
From many of those, who know only to shout.

Helping these children, should be our motto prime
Or else they would die or forced to commit a crime.
We need to provide them, with love and education,
So that they too can get, to fulfill their ambition.

We should not remain staring, or behave as a stranger
As our future will only get in danger
Forget your odd and forget your even
Do a good deed, by helping these children
And reserve a place in Heaven.

My lost mother India

a poem by Khalid

In the year 92-93
Some so-called ‘religious reformers’
tried to bring
a ‘revolution’ in India.
The call of Allah-u-akbar
And Jai Ram’s bell
Were misused to turn
India into a hell.
Houses were burnt,
women were raped,
children were killed;
With tears of pain
All eyes were filled.
And even our defenders
Could do nothing
They came, they saw
and just kept watching!
Everything else that we lost-
except those thousands of lives-
can be reclaimed!
But in the names of
Babri and Ayodhya
It seems, we’ve forever lost
Our beautiful and beloved- Mother India.

Politics Everywhere

a poem by Khalid

It’s there in ‘Urea’
It’s heaped in every area.

It’s there in scandals
And in those thousand sandals.

It’s there in growth of porn and sex
It’s there in the decline of sensex.

It’s there in conflicts of Ayodhya and Babri
It’s there in replacement of Laloo by Rabri.

It’s used to create ‘West-End’
And then used to defend.

It’s used by parties to mix
And used to make a match ‘fix’

What is it? What is it?
It’s nothing else but ‘Politics’.


a poem by Khalid

A symbol of friendship, a symbol of love
A dream to behold, a dream to serve.
Red, yellow, pink and white
Colours that will make you delight.

Smooth little petals, like smooth skin of fays
Delicacy that can, give you a grace.
They can fulfill, a lover’s dream
And serve as, melancholy poet’s theme.

Fragrance to cherish, your heart and mind
All such wonders, in them you find.
Nothing more beautiful, I remember on this land
As I hold, a Rose in my hand.