Poems by Kelvin Sng

‘Middle’ Man

a poem by Kelvin Sng

Never let go
Hold on
Real tight
But learn somehow
To release
At times

Take life
In your stride
Stand and move
Somewhere near the middle
But no extreme please
It’s hazardous

A little of both
Dreams and reality
Always works well
At least for me
And hopefully
For thee


a poem by Kelvin Sng

Memories are eternal
In our hearts
Seek no further
When torn apart
Look back
Dream forward

History was
History is
History will be
Learn one
Apply one
Create one

Keep Searching

a poem by Kelvin Sng

I am so sick
Of you
The cycle of inevitable motion
Which in fact is motionless
Tears my soul with rusty conformity
When all I want is being me
That’s me I want to become

You still with me
Are you
Next era of a smaller Earth
What is it that one could do
Something, nothing or everything
It’s all up to you
But is there any meaning left

They come barking
But why
Absolutely worthless sense of obedience
Where am I heading towards
Ignorant question I may ask
No answer is required
It’s for the self to search

Keep searching, keep searching, keep searching…

Revolving Thoughts

a poem by Kelvin Sng

I begin to wonder
Nothing actually matters in this world
Endless encounters with unpredictable circumstances
I am still fighting the edge for my survival

I begin to think
Something out there awaiting my conquest
Pointless struggles unknown to ideal consequences
I am still running on the verge of my soul

I begin to dream
Anything is possible with generous positiveness
Careless blunders make good practical lessons
I am still flying around the contour of my sky

I begin to forget
Nothing actually matters in this world
Meaningless worries obstruct natural progresses
I am still walking in the direction of my heart

Right Here

a poem by Kelvin Sng

Tired it may seem
Ongoing arrows of load
Pierce like anything

Good thing actually
At least I can be quite sure
That I am living

Thankful for that light
I am able to see twice
Of a humane world

So I stop waiting
For silly idealism
Since it is right here.

Poetic Life

a poem by Kelvin Sng

I have so much to tell you about how I see things
As I wander round my life to capture scenes
Back to my corner I recall with senses
About life till this very moment
A twirl of raw emotion
Ground into words
There they are
My poems


Of happenings
Evoke through sanity
To bring out pure passion
Leading to memorial eternity
Undress and naked stuff generated
You could see so many wonderful insights
Of a life that I dare to live like a billionaire of soul
With my simple heart walking towards nothing but richness