Poems by Kelly

I’ll be the one

a poem by Kelly

I’ll be the one who is always there,
the one who can only tell you
my private thoughts to share.
I’ll be the one who turns your frown
to a smile,
You can count on me to go that extra mile.
I’ll be the one who will unconditionally
care for you,
the one who will always listen
to you too.
I’ll be the one who will try my best
to see,
that our Love is the greatest that was
ever meant to be.
I’ll be the one that loved you
from that start,
the one that will
forever love you with
all of my heart.

My One True Love

a poem by Kelly

I lay in bed thinking of you,
wondering if my dreams
will come true.
You mean to me more than
words can say,
hearing your name brightens up
my day.
I’m so lucky to have found
someone like you,
and I pray
that you feel this way
for me too.
Listen to what I’m trying to say,
I love you in every possible way.
You are like an angel,
fallen from above,
you are my guardian,
my one true love.

Written for: Steven Anderson

Missing You

a poem by Kelly

I thought about you,
lots today,
because you’re so far

Thoughts run through my mind,
all day long.
Waiting for the radio
to play our song.

I miss you lots and lots
every day,
and you know I love you more
than words can say.

Pictures of you remain
in my head.
As I lie wide awake
in my bed.

If I could just hold you,
in my arms.
To me, I know,
there would come no harm.

You mean the world to me,
this is true.
Can’t wait to get home,
and finally see you!!

Written for: Steven Anderson


a poem by Kelly

I thought I loved you, but
now I’m not sure.
I can’t take this pain anymore.
You said I could trust you,
from the start,
now you are just breaking
my heart.
The thought of you makes me cry,
sometimes I just want to
give up and die.
How can we make everything okay,
I still have feelings for you
in that special kind of way.
I don’t know what to say
or do,
you’re making me feel so sad
and blue.
So much to say, so little time,
we need to work things,
and hope we’ll be fine.

Written for: Gabe Scriven

My Superman, My Best Friend

a poem by Kelly

From the very first time our eyes met,
another person in his life,
I’d never let.

I knew that we were meant to be,
I was made for him,
he was made for me.

“Together Forever,” true.

Especially after the day we say,
“I do.”

They’re for each other,
through the thick and thin.

He is “My Superman,
My Best Friend.”

Written for: Steven Anderson

To Alex

a poem by Kelly

Every night I listen to our song,
“the night seems so cold and far too long,
I wanna call you up,
’cause in the end,
I keep writing letters to my
garbage can.”
I stare at you all the time,
but don’t know what to say,
I care for you so much,
in a very special way.
“I wanna be with you,
if only for the night,
to be the one who’s in your arms
to hold you tight.”
“There’s nothing else to say.
There’s nothing else I want more,
than to feel this way.”
I could talk about you
all day to my friends,
When your eyes look deep into mine,
I never want it to
I don’t know,
maybe it is,
I never thought
I could feel like this.
Broken hearted from people before,
hoping that
you will care for me more.
Afraid of those three words,
but Love to hear someone
say them to me,
somehow you can help me see,
That you’re better than
any person before,
and this thing we have going,
will last forevermore.
I’ll try my best to make you smile,
and make every moment
more than worthwhile.
So, basically what I’m trying to say,
is that, I’m gonna love you in
every possible way.