Poems by Kayla Adkinson


a poem by Kayla Adkinson

We are all riders on the storm
Struggling to stay above the frothy wave
Every life taking its own form
As we wait for the last defying rave

For most the storm will die away
And their sun will shine once more
But there are still some fighting, forced to stay
What will become of all they are fighting for?

On these the darkness will close in
And they will start to lose the fight
Here is where the real hardships seem to begin
As they lose their grip and surrender to the night

Why did they make the choices?
The ones that brought them here
Why did they listen to the voices?
The ones that lead them to fear


a poem by Kayla Adkinson

Endless thoughts churning through my head that never seem to be appeased,
like the angry waters of so many relentless seas.

Full of opinions and emotion,
yet I feel empty, lost and sinking in my deep and utter devotion.

These illusions I have created as bleak as they may seem,
Lift me from reality and drop me into someone else’s dream.

Constantly followed by a dense and suffocating fog,
like a prisoner struggling to find my own softly spoken dialog.

I find myself trying to break free,
I want the world, no I want ME to see me.

Instead I stay confined, confined to this lifeless existence,
It is so hard, so insufferably hard, struggling against all of this resistance

And so I ask what is the purpose of this life I claim?
Yet no answer comes, so it is here that I must remain.

High School

a poem by Kayla Adkinson

It seems my life has become so confusing,
I’m getting annoyed with these fake smiles I’ve been using.
I thought I got rid of these problems long ago,
If only I can hide it a little longer no one will ever know.

Trying to put my feelings into words,
It’s not really helping much it only hurts.
Tell me how I’m I to survive among the jocks, preps, and stoners?
Where do I fit in? Where is my place among these loners?

I’m just wandering aimlessly in this life I have created,
If only it could have been different, if it all could have waited.
But I control my life so why do I feel so powerless?
Yea, I guess this time I’ll have to clean up my own mess.

People tell me it won’t matter in the long run,
But wait, isn’t High School supposed to be fun?
Whatever happened to the endless conversations and the carefree laughter?
I miss those times, but it seems they are gone, lost forever.