Poems by Kavitha M

My soulless soul

a poem by Kavitha M

As days go by
It gets scarier
And then the pain creeps in
The pain of fight
A fight for life
A life I want
A want, a wish
A wish of peace
That peace with myself
A self that contradicts
My emotions, my soul


a poem by Kavitha M

I went a long way
In search of a friend
A friend whom I could lean on
Share my feelings
Tell my achievements
Crib about my grievances
I searched for a long time
I continued my search
Till I saw you
Who gave me comfort
A solace from the outside world
A cushion to rest upon
At times of distress
A pond to pour my tears
At times of sorrow
A true friend
Who could share my joy
And also my worries
But, now
A time has come
A time to part
Heavy at heart
Not knowing when we would meet
With the same love
We had been having for each other
All these years
But then
I know in my heart
That though times may change
And many friends may come
And go
The true friendship between us
Would never change
For it is real
With goodness uncontaminated.


a poem by Kavitha M

Life is a wonderful gift for those who relish it

Life is an unavoidable punishment for those who reject it

Life is a great festival for those who enjoy it

Life is a period of mourning for those who hate it

Life is a priceless gem for those who adore it

Life is a sharp piercing stone for those who feel miserable about it

Life is a fairy for those who cherish its beauty

and an ugly witch for those who detest it

Life is a path made of soft and beautiful flowers for the optimist

and a path made of thorns and stones for the pessimist

Life is a boon given by heaven to the good

And a bane given by hell to the bad

Life is marvellous, immaculate, exquisite and joyous

So friends! Let us enjoy this life given to us by GOD

Fully, truly and meaningfully.