Poems by Kashish

I lost a true friend

a poem by Kashish

I hugged my teddy bear tight
I knew my crying was going to go on all night
I just lost a true friend (you)
And I doubt whether our friendship will ever mend
And see together times once more
I truly regret from my deep heart’s core
Me and you, best friends that we were
There was hardly any moment we weren’t together!
But then suddenly one fateful day
Destiny brought you to part our way
My dear friend, I am sorry
If I ever hurt you or made you worry
I know you think to hurt others is my attitude
But I can well assure you I didn’t mean to be rude
All I want to say is that I really miss you
And I hope someday you’ll realize that my friendship is true!

In dedication to a friend who I just lost a few months ago.

The magic of spring

a poem by Kashish

Soon will come spring,
And magic it will bring!
The shattered sun’s rays,
Will brighten up our days!
Scattered colorful blossom,
Will spread smell so awesome!
The birds, the bees, and the butterflies,
Will soar high up in the clear blue skies!

Soon will come spring,
And the birds will begin to sing!
The sun will smile above all,
Its rays shining on the trees so tall!
The fruits on the trees will turn ripe,
Gloom from all the nooks and corners it’ll wipe!
The fragrant cool breeze,
Everyone it will please!