Poems by Karthik Sridhar


a poem by Karthik Sridhar

The tides ebb and flow again, the birds fly
To me, the world seems to have awakened
The numbness caused by your departure
Lessened, time is free once more

Love becomes more precious when lost
Spoken words to be held on to for eternity
Never realizing what we have in our hands
Until snatched away by cruel fate

The times we shared are a treasure chest
This heart wishes for more
A longing that can never bear fruit
To regain lost opportunities

There’s one thing I hold on to
You who have seen the Face of God
One day we shall be together again
I love you always… my father


a poem by Karthik Sridhar

The moon seems to have lost the glow
The stars have lost the sparkle
The sky weeps bitter showers
Gloom sweeps across the heavens

A nightingale sings, brings me no joy
Songs killed by the despair in my heart
Shadows in my soul grow longer, darker
My senses yearn to feel you again

Yet in the midst of all this doom
A small spark still survives
A tiny flame of Hope clings on
Hope that I may see you again

Days may pass, years may fly
The tides may see new dawns
But this here heart will always
Always keep you a special place… eternally.

Those Eyes

a poem by Karthik Sridhar

She comes to me in the dark of the night
A haunting image that has gripped my heart
It warms my soul, like a guiding light
Yet I know we will be apart forever

In those eyes I will drown forever
That smile I will keep as a memory
Of the times we shared, both the good and bad
You’ll never know what you mean to me

Love, I never expected to be easy
Love, this hard, how will I survive
Better to have loved and lost, small words
Offers little comfort, they don’t know it hurts

Maybe it was never meant to be
But you will always be a part of me
You gave me something they can’t take away
May be I’ll see those eyes again someday

Those eyes had tears for me
Those eyes, they could see inside of me
Those eyes, they will never lie to me
Those eyes, they are so beautiful
Those eyes…