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The Hunt

With prying eyes and insatiate desire
Watches he waiting on his prey
Blissful and eloquent
Unaware of the danger glides she.
The beast pounces on her
Tearing at her flesh, he skins her.
A final thrust and she
Seeks emancipation in death.
But he lets her live
To die a thousand death
Between legs of beasts of men.

My Heart Speaks

Every night as I lie down to rest
My dear, my heart yearns for you
I write numerous unsent letters
Whose words are written
In the vast empty space
Each word formed
With the ink of my overflowing heart.
You do not know
Nor do you realize how close I am.
Separated from you by words
Which I know if uttered
Will break your trust
Helpless, speechless, knowing
I have lost you
Accepting destiny
With a silent prayer
For you and your beloved
I go to sleep with dried tears
Hoping to live with you
In dreams!!!!

Prayer of a dying Mother

With a heavy heart
Amidst guilt of fallacy of youth
I drag myself towards where
I do not know, my child.
For with my heart’s wounds
Burning within me
And the wounds caused by society
Burning my body
I live for you alone.
But now it seems
Every iota of my life is gone.
Drink my child drink
For, this id my last blood
I pray to thee lord,
Give my orphaned child at least
A chance to live,
Unlike me, orphaned by society
Orphaned by you
I place my fallacy
At thy altar
May at least my soul

The Trident

Deep in my inner world,
In a flash of momentary meditation
I beheld thy glorious dance
Swaying and holding the world in thy sway,
Benevolent Ma thou dist look beautiful.
With an eternal smile,
Thou dist look at me.
Then why the trident in thy hands?!!!
As if in reply, thy sway changed
Into a wonderous revolution…
Aneka Kodi Brahmandangal
Revolving around thee…
Did I hear the melody of Cymbals and Conch?!!!
Still I wondered…
Why the Trident?
The look in thy face, the sweet smile
Changed into serious benevolence.
Thou charged towards me…
‘I’ receiving the trident
With full acceptance, straight through the heart
(The Trident pierced my ego)
‘I’ glimpsed immortality??!!!!!

Lullaby of a dying mother

Sleep my child
Thy blissful innocence
The only solace
To my heart.
You will grow up
Amidst love and care
Just like me.
You will get all glories
Just lie mine.
But never succumb to desire
Then You will live a life my child
Unlike me
(The rest is silence)

Spit Analysis

Khaaaaaa thooooooooo,
Waaaak thoooooooo,
Lands the slush
Rich red from satisfied hearts,
Pepper minted with corporate wrath,
Tainted with youthful blood and tar,
Bearing pains of the outcast,
Spit my nation Spit.
We are spitting on our face,
Floating on it,
Calling it a unity,
In Diversity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life Sans / With Reason

I did not know what my heart did want
I did think it wanted
But I reasoned out-
That longing for something
Will stop my thinking
Hard and long was my thought
I did not listen to my heart
For I reasoned out
What my heart longed-
Was beyond reach
And then I knew
What I thought was right
My heart had longed in vain
The longing was
Someone else’s!!!!


Toddling, Scrambling, Swimming
On the floor
With a toothless grin
Winning hearts
They work miracles on hardened hearts.
No fear, only dear
Dear to all.
Dear to the neighbour,
Dear to the family,
Dear to a thief,
Dear to an angel
Ones dearest to GOD.
In this world of conflicts,
Both inner and outer,
You keep toddling away,
Cheerful, darling,
Curious and adventurous.
But alas!!!! You grow
Then where does all this go?!!!!

Will I ever meet her?

The smile which removes worry,
The look of understanding,
The hold of the palm-
A reassuring one.
The laughter of joy
Of my presence,
The attitude of share
Of love and care.
The look which says-
“I am for you, you are for me”.
The gentle stroll
Along a lake
Beside me with arms in arms
Assuring a never lonely walk
Together forever.
A journey which began
Aeons before
A journey together
Unto eternity.
Will I ever meet her?

Shoes of Steel

Faster, faster I try to run,
but my insteps pain.
Hours and hours of rambles
On thorns and stones
Have made my hoofs rust.
They gave me shoes of iron
a lace for the nose
and a unidirectional vision.
I want to feed my child more
But my udders pain
due to continuous use.
They used steel
to draw my clarified blood.
I am sick and tired.
Endless whipping has made
my leather numb.
Now I hear though
My pains are to end.
One last pain
At the neck
And I fall with dried tears and
frozen blood.
Save thou at least my partner
Who has to bear more
As I am no more.

In a Trench

In the blood red earth
Of the trench
There was one who fought
Fought bravely for I could see
His bloodcurdling roar
Send the enemy running.
But one bullet in the head
Had sealed his fate.
Then came I to take his place.
As brave as him?
As fear evoking?
I do not know nor
Do I believe so.
Then what am I here for?
Try as much as I can
To do the same?
Or lie low in the trench
And pray for mercy.
Nor am I, the man he was.
Though not with the same
Brain and brawn.
I will fight.
I will conquer
Perhaps better than the man before.

Life of a Prostitute

Next says the pimp,
Comes in a man
Face unknown, race unknown
Puts me on the bed
Goes about his gyrations
Unhindered and unloved
I bearing the pain
As he drives through me
For reason unknown.
I know no soul
Who looked at my face
Or shared a joke of my fate
I wonder how my life was “pimped” away
Whisked away from home
By a face unknown
I curse this world of mine
As the man makes loveless love.
With a pride of unmanly satisfaction,
Tosses he a counterfeit note.
Next says the pimp.

What are we?

We lie in a barren land
Waiting for her,
Awaiting her touch,
Which would break our shells.
Protected against the flying
And crawling demons
And carefully laid,
We awaited her.
But she did not come.
There were millions hungry
And awaiting us.
There were prayers and pledges
For their blood was on us.
Then she came,
Her pristine tears
Breaking our shells.
We unfurled and blossomed.
What are we?
A farmer’s delight?

The Fan

Rotate, rotate, rotate
Monotonous rotation.
No fear, no dear,
Only rotation.

Rotation is your dharma,
Rotate you do,
Spreading your breeze all around
Enabling breath and evading sweat.

Oh! How I wish I were like you
Follow my dharma,
Detached from everything else
Providing breeze to others
While I do my dharma.

Lord! Make me like the fan,
A fan whose breeze
Is happiness, laughter and bliss.
A fan rotating with your glory.

To the Lady of Justice

Blindfolded you are
To give equality
But blindfolded you are
Towards this cruelty
Of reality
For no matter who the judge
No matter who the accused
No matter why no matter what
There is no justice
And blindfolded you are.
Oh! Lady of justice
Remove thy blindfold
And then you can see
What justice You hear
Is nothing but bland lies
From brutal murderers.
It is struggle of the meek
And victory for the rich.
For, the power of wealth
Pervades all.
And blindfolded you are
Assuming there is assurance
Of impartial justice.
Oh! How blind you are?