Poems by Kannan

Love a man

a poem by Kannan

I am behind her that
She will be in my presence
Anything and everything
I can do for her
Making her laugh
Is a big pleasure to me
For about two weeks
I am without her vision
I am ready to give my
True love
If she accepts my love
My thirst of her.
Now, I am an blind man
Without you
When will you understand
The feelings of a poor man
Yaa. Its me the poor

The Universe

a poem by Kannan

Universe is my topic
It could also be inversed
It is well versed
They are most conversed
Stars are thorns
Take a horn
Sing a song
But don’t yarn
Einstein is sun
He gave laymen’s bun
It is not fun
But Newton is gun
There are solar fan
Which can be put under a van
Galileo took a can
Kepler ran.
Newton published Universal
Gravitational law
But they are raw
I did aaaw!!
My friends saw
Ramanujam is my friend
Michelson – Morley are my new trend
Lorentz is not a saint
This poem I not so giant

Morning Weather

a poem by Kannan

When I woke up
I went outside
The cool breeze hit me
Like the sea waves hitting the shore.

I could not see nothing outside
Because of thick dew.
These patches of dew
Were like clouds in a clear sky.

The tiny drops of water
Sitting on big leaves
When a mild breeze comes
These drops come down like rainfall.

Everything which were outside
All were wet.
In streets not a dog was seen
Because of coldness.

Near me was a big tree
I touched the tree
Now I realised that
Even the dew can make the tree bath.

After a big struggle from the dews
The sun rays entered the atmosphere.
Everything was visible outside
Now I heard some sort of commotion near my home.

Everyone started their work.
Honeybees buzzing,
Sparrow singing,
Flowers gloomong,
Ah! What a wonderful morning.

My Love

a poem by Kannan

Its like rainbow blazing me
Whenever you see me
The smile which I heard and saw
Even defeats the smile of a baby
The eyes waged war
On thousands of blooming flowers
The game which I saw
Was more honest like kittens playing
The beauty which I wondered
Was challenging the nature
The purity which I realised
Even 24 carat gold was polluted
That thundering clouds
Even trembles by her words
And its you the colourful butterfly
Its me honeybee buzzing for nectar
Flowers with me and fragrance with you.

The Earthiest Moon

a poem by Kannan

You are the prettiest moon
Long up in the sky.
We both see each other,
But no ladder with me
To climb to your height.

I wished to have you with me
As this moon is gem of my characters,
The beautiful moon in my sky,
Light my night without sleep.

This moon is happy and ever smiling
Unlike me crying and fading,
And I have to cross thousands of miles
In my life ocean before I sleep.

How could we both match
In the eyes of the god?
As sun wants moon
To be in a better position
Without poor earth in between.

This moon is my everlasting love.
The sun is her endowing father.
This nasty earth is me
Without any gravity force with moon.

My Compassion

a poem by Kannan

You are my sweetest
You are my beautiest
You are my dearest
And you are the best
One I have ever seen.

You are my softest
You are my happiest
You are coolest
And you are the precious
Angel I have ever dreamt.

You are my latest
You are my smoothest
You are my fastest
And you are the honest
MUsic I have ever heard.

But for you,
I am the laziest
I am the slowest
I am the hottest
And I am the ugliest
Sleep that SHE have ever slept.