Poems by Kalashree Selvarajah

My love!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

You are the one
Who I look for
You are the one
Who I desire

You are the one
Who makes me so restless
You are the one
Who drives me out of my senses

You are the one
Who drives my sleeps away
You are the one
Who appears in my dreams

You are the one
Who smiles lovely
You are the one
Who speaks sweetly

You are the one
Who lives in my heartbeat
I think of the one
Who stolen my heart

Flowers are reciting
Poems for you
My soul is singing
Divine songs for you

Soft breeze is
Gently caressing you
Heart is whispering
My love to you

Notes had frozen
On my lips
Peacock has forgotten
How to sing

My music will
Be incomplete
Until I hear the
Voice of your heart

With out you
By my side
How lonely
My world is

Oh! my beloved
You can hear me
Soon come to me
Where you belongs to

Small hopes, small dreams
In a happy relationship
The moon and the stars
Will be ours!


a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Happiness comes within
Raises moods high up
Flows energy all over
Immerses you in ecstasy.

Happiness is contagious
Helps to overcome disease
Spread it to everyone freely
All should live happily.

Keep yourself happy with good thoughts
Make others happy doing noble deeds
Work with happiness whatever you do
Success is your destiny, sure to say.

Problems are there for you to deal
Do not allow your heads to reel
Let the hurts of the past melt away
Feel the warmth of love within you.

Can’t buy happiness by riches
Earn it with innocent hearts
Share your happiness generously
Comes back to you abundantly.

Some relationships!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Some relationships have no name
Denying the love to save his fame
Give life to the sinking soul
Grave is not life’s goal!

Enjoyed going out with date
Tried to have fun even in rain
Had all the pleasures till late
Abandoned soul still in pain!

In the core of the heart
Deep waves of sorrow flow
Struggling to get sleep at night
Time is passing very slow!

You’ll love yourself again
Surely you’ll leave the pain
God’ll help you to regain
All your happiness back again!

Thank You!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Oh! Thank you, our Lord
For giving us this world
Gave lots of friends to love
And plenty of things to enjoy!

Heal our wounds with your grace
Quieten our minds to get peace
Soothe our heart with your love
Show us the right path to live!

You help us to overcome fears
Carry our burdens to release
With compassion, wipe our worries
Swiftly vanishes our sorrows!

Prayers give us so much comfort
Though you are dwelling in our heart
Blessed are the souls, come close to you
Earth is heaven for those who know you!

A place to return

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Red Sun settles down
At mountains

Waves touch the shore
Return to sea

Freely flying birds
Return to cages at night

After the day’s work we
Return to our loved ones

All have a place
To return

The heart
Lost it’s love

Need a place
To return!


a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

I am an ignorant of world
Believed you are pure gold
Loving words are from your heart
Realised it from your lips at last!

Trying to quench thirst in the desert
Counting stars on the ground
Looking for the sun at night
Longing for love from your heart!

You are killing me softly
For loving you intensely
Shedding tears endlessly
For trusting you madly!

Grief brings glimpse of truth
Each sorrows takes us few steps
Near the Almighty God
No failure on this road!

Oh! God please help me
Only to trust you
I shall bear all the pain
As long as I have you!

There are so many questions
I ask myself
Can’t find the answers
All because of my ignorance!

My Baby

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

The day you were born is very special
Came to earth with full of innocence
Fresh as morning dew, soft as a rose petal
Cling to me for reassurance

Your coming has brought
Happiness into my world
My eyes never get tire of seeing you
Though I look at you thousand times

Feeding you is a beautiful experience
Cuddling you with lots of love
Babbling words are your poetry
Listening to you with great excitement

Smiling softly when you dream
Crying loudly when you get hurt
Laughing heartily when you play
Sleeping soundly when you need a rest

Came from heaven to give us love
Gave the meaning for us to live
Love to hold you in our arms
Filled our hearts with lovely charms

You are my sweet angel
Your birth is a wonderful miracle
A precious gift from God
You made us feel proud


a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Need I tell you
How much you mean to me
You bare so much suffering
To bring me into this world

I wish I could tell you
For all that I feel
I am helpless with words
I’ll only make you weep

You are like a pillar of strength
Cared for us with all your might
And you gave love
In abundance unasked

You always forgive us
With your compassionate heart
Generously giving
All that you have

I wish I could pay back
For all that you have done
Not just your duty
But much more

You shower your blessings
Through your lullaby
I wish you for Happiness
And a very Long Life

My Friend

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Lila is my loyal friend
Loves to dress up with present trend
Strict with her schedules, hard to bend
Always there for me when I need

Her loving heart is soft and mellow
Always love her ways to follow
Laughing together makes us glow
Sharing makes our friendship grow

Her life turns into a new direction
Creates a beautiful sensation
Doesn’t fall for any temptation
I admire my friend with adoration

You wipe my tears
When I’m in distress
Thank you my friend
For offering your hand

I am grateful to you
For all that you’ve done
There’s so much to thank
There would be no end!

Thorn Bird

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

Thorn bird sings when it pricks by thorns
Soul weeps silently when the heart is torn
Love is not a decision your brain makes
Love is a feeling which your heart experiences

Your love transported me to another world
Your love sparkles in my heart like burning ember
When the cloud parts it’s your face I see
When the flowers bloom it’s your voice I hear

Bee searches for honey, River searches for sea
Lotus searches for sun, My soul searches for you
Ignorant hopes sting me along
Tears is the comfort that crying bring

I light the lamp of love in my heart
But it smothered by darkness of night
I try to calm my longing heart
But it won’t heed words of comfort

My love is like the melody
You sweetly played in tune
My false love stole my rose
And left the thorn with me to bruise!

Path of Life!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

P Patience is an art of life
A Ability is tool for life
T Truth is the way of life
H Humility is an armour for life

O Optimist who achieves in life
F Forbearance which you practise in life

L Love is the root of life
I Intelligence helps you to succeed in life
F Freedom is your right of life
E Education explains the meaning of life

Path of life is ever changing
Like a mind of a human
We meet special people
Who walk along on the path
And give us support and happiness

Babies have a smooth path
As their mothers carry them all the way

Children cross their path
With guidance of parents and teachers

Teenagers dance on their path
While going out together with their friends

Newly married love their path
With lots of excitement and thrill

Middle aged walk each step on their path
Carefully as they have full of responsibility

When get old we tread on the path
Cautiously with the help of others
To end our Path of Life!

Forgive me!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

River forgives us
When we throw rubbish in it

Sea forgives us
When we dump waste chemicals in it.

Air forgive us
When we pollute it with fumes

Earth forgives us
When we cut the trees out

Plants forgive us
When we feed them with artificial manure

Cattle forgive us
When we inject them with hormones

God forgive us
For all the sins we have committed

Oh! My Beloved
Hope you would forgive me

For the mistakes I have done
Out of ignorance!


a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

I enjoy birds chirping in the silence of dawn
I listen to the conscience in the silence of my mind
I watch snow flakes in the silence of night
I hear your voice in the silence of my heart!

Justice suffers in the silence of truth
Death occurs in the silence of life
Peace surrounds you in the silence of thoughts
Love blossoms in the silence of hearts!

Wounded heart is longing for silence
Tired of waiting for the loved one in vain
Show the path where there is no pain
All I ask for the eternal silence!


a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

I went to Pune from UK
To see my friend Shri
Took me to Gandhi Memorial
Doesn’t follow his values
Visited Rajneesh Ashram
Doesn’t believe in spirituality
Went to restaurant with his buddy
Had a good time with a bottle of brandy
Buddy is a Palmist!
Predicted death in my family
Tried to disturb my sanity
Took my money in plenty
I reacted weirdly
Shocked my friend deeply
Deserted me badly
Lost my friendship
Because of the inconsiderate Palmist!

Jacob Loves Jaya!

a poem by Kalashree Selvarajah

J Jacob is our first grandchild
A Arrived early to see us merrily
C Couldn’t wait inside the womb patiently
O Operation is the way of his strategy
B Blessed are his parents joyfully

L Lullabys are his favourite songs
O On and off crying to expand his lungs
V Velvet is his beautiful skin
E Eyes wide open to see his kin
S Sweetens the home with his lovely charms

J Jaya is overwhelmed with joy
A Admiring her proud grandson
Y Yearning to be with him
A And to give a world of love to Jacob Krishna!