Poems by Kabir Timilsina


a poem by Kabir Timilsina

Oceans and they are not your Eyes
Flower and it is not your face
Your lips and yes they are sexy
And yes you are a beautiful

Just wanna touch
And I just wanna feel it
How it feel I wonder
How it kills I feel

And Please kill
I am ready to die
Na’ Knife with those piercing eyes
And please Kill
I am still ready to die
Na’ Club with those evaporating Love


a poem by Kabir Timilsina

Kissing the mild breeze
He ‘wings’ with the birds
Feeling the warmth of the sun
He ‘heat’ with the planet

Hope so its his future
Hope so its his life
Full of corruption and decadence
Full of sorrow and maintenance

And he goes away, left it
And he walked away, did it
Who cares about, he is a King
And he lived apart, Killed it

No difference in him though
With the icy and melting foe
Killed himself, no regret even
When the sun rise
He found himself ‘Missing’