Poems by Kaaleeswari Kanagaraj

Fashion makes us fall

a poem by Kaaleeswari Kanagaraj

The scene was bright,
everywhere there was light.

People were happy and gay,
as is one on a sunny day.

Sita walked a catwalk,
not too late heard a bark.

Ran for life on her heel,
made her fall on a banana peel.

Suddenly there was a commotion,
with silence and no motion.

Sita began to cry,
and gave the catwalk a bye.


a poem by Kaaleeswari Kanagaraj

Maths makes me brilliant,
Together gives a talent.

English gives a chance to speak,
But makes me weak.

I love Biology,
But not Zoology.

Chemistry is about atmosphere,
Geography teaches troposphere.

Physics includes Maths,
But Civics does not gives marks.

The language Hindi,
Helps me to put a Bhindi.


a poem by Kaaleeswari Kanagaraj

Diamond is the hardest element,
It is most beautiful ornament.
All the diamonds which are white,
Makes the whole universe bright.
Own the diamond to gain the good,
Never steal the diamond for food,
Diamond is precious.