Poems by Jyoti Arya


a poem by Jyoti Arya

That day when
We walked around the beach
I was afraid
I have lost you
From my soul
As I have something else in my body that
Has even reached my soul
And polluted it too
I reach out for your hand
I was afraid that soon
I would not be there to hold your hand
I am afraid, to hold your hand
You will also be caught by the demon that has entrapped me
You assure me
You still love me
But I am afraid to hold your hand
As I do still love you


a poem by Jyoti Arya

I will live
Till I am not washed away by
Angry blow of fuming tsunami
Or swept away by some cyclone
To the farthest island
No one has ever heard about
I will not die a natural death
I will cry till my last breath
For a smooth death
Even a heart attack
Or a road accident
I cannot bear the sight of
My home being waterlogged
My children snatched from my fragile hands
And lurking in some refugee camp for
Some arid pieces of bread
Please listen to me, if you could hear god
Don’t bless us with another
Tsunami again


a poem by Jyoti Arya

Standing in unending row,
When pain kept shifting its position,
And magnitude,
Or sometime kept clinging for days at the,
Same old spot,
Looking helplessly at me,
Through its concealed eyes with a deep wound spread
Deep enough to cut my gaze,
Deep enough to keep me amazed.
Each time it stuck me I am reminded,
“It is still there”
And I have to rush to the lonely corridors,
Which are packed full; till infinity.
I know there are millions suffering from pain,
But for me my pain is important-
“As it is mine!”