Poems by Jyothi P V

Broken Heart

a poem by Jyothi P V

When hope is gone
and love is dead
a heart is broken
and bleeding red

When ego hurts
and teardrops fall
breaking bridges
building walls

When you have gone
and left behind
a lonely heart
an empty mind

Love hurts

a poem by Jyothi P V

I heard that love is ecstasy,
it takes you to paradise,
it is the sweetest emotion
and nothing could be as nice.

But no one told me love hurts
and gives you so much pain.
Now I’ve learnt it by myself
and I’ll never fall in love again.

Prove your love

a poem by Jyothi P V

Higher than the highest mountain
deeper than the deepest sea,
the only question I want to ask-
How much is your love for me?
Don’t live in the bygone era
times have changed from then to now,
The basic rule of today
is that you’ve got to prove your love.
Weigh the earth or touch the sky,
I don’t care what you do
You must prove your love for me,
if you want me to love you.


a poem by Jyothi P V

I’ve lost my appetite
I can’t sleep a wink throughout the night
I cannot work, I cannot concentrate
Each day in my work I am late
Earlier I was so efficient
Why not now? Is something deficient?
Does anybody know what is wrong?
When will this end? Will it take long?
Who is this that comes to my mind?
Who I’m always looking for but cannot find
Who do I look for night and day
Who has taken my heart away
I have to get back to my work
It is important I cannot shirk
Please come back to me my heart
Let’s begin again, let’s make a new start
I ask again, please come back to me
I have to work, I have to study
Work isn’t possible without you
Please come back and give me a clue
On who is that who comes to my dreams
Will I ever find him? Never it seems.